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Written by Becky

A few months ago we introduced to you SLC Foodie Deals.  These are unlike any coupon or deal in town in that you don’t have to pre-buy anything and the discounted item or restaurants has been personally selected by Heidi or myself.  We simply want to introduce you to some of the fabulous foods that we’ve found around Salt Lake City, whether that be our favorite New York Style Pizza at Maxwell’s or a seasonal Pumpkin Gelato from Dolcetti.  We have had  minimal response to these deals so we thought we would throw it out to you guys to decide.  Do you enjoy the deals? Would you like to see more?  How can we get the word out about them?

Here are a few examples of deals that we’ve had in the past:

Buy 2 dinner entrees or 1 pizza at the Maxwell’s and get a free appetizer.
Get $5 off every $30 spent at the Utah Food Co-Op Monday Market Sale.
$3.50 (half off) for a seasonally fresh salad and sandwich combo at the Rose Establishment.
50% off Pumpkin Gelato at Dolcetti.

Please give us your input!  We’d love to hear your thoughts as we decide to move forward with this part of SLC Foodie and The Vintage Mixer blog.

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  1. I love the SLC Foodie deals – I feel like you've done a great job of selecting fantastic local food sources and offering great discounts.
    I personally haven't taken advantage of them due to time constraints – it's just happened that on the days these discounts have been offered I haven't been able to make it to the restaurant for whatever given reason.

    It might also be helpful to have some kind of small print out or text service to hand to or show the server or establishment – I've had a few discount situations where not all parties involved were aware of the discount and it can get a bit awkward.

    Hope you continue offering these!

  2. I would use them all the time if I lived in Salt Lake! If I travel up to Salt Lake at the time of a deal, I will use one.

  3. I'd love to see more deals! I used the CoOp one and I have been interested in some others but wasn't able to get to the restaurants to use them. What if they lasted two days or if you told us about them the day before they are valid?

  4. I love the deals! I just recently started following your blog but I have been checking out all of the foodie deals since. Tim and I totally used the Maxwell's one to get some free chicken wings (which are soooo soo good by the way, especially for UT 🙂 )!

  5. Thank you all SO much for your input. We really appreciate your thoughts and ideas. I will keep you updated on what we decide.

  6. I definitely want to use the deals. It's hard for me to get out right now because I just had my third baby. But I have noted all the deals. Maybe something with Yelp? Ask for RTs/enter to win a prize for RTs or checkins?

  7. I missed the co-op?? Bummer! I love most the deals, but ones that are very product specific, like the gelato one, aren't too useful. One's that are more general, like the buy 2 dinner entres or a pizza and get a free appetizer or half off a sandwich/soup combo are awesome though. 🙂

  8. I've only been able to take advantage of the Maxwell's deal so far but keep an eye on them to see what else I could use. I hope you continue to post them! It's a great way to try new things!

  9. I just found out about the deals today. I would love to use them if you decide to continue. I'm always looking for new fabulous places to try in Salt Lake.

  10. I think the deals are a great community builder by introducing customers to new retailers and merchants, and who doesn't like to save a little cash?

  11. I love the deals. They're why I subscribed to your blog. We just moved here and want the scoop (and discounts) on what's great around here.

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