About Vintage Mixer

Welcome to The Vintage Mixer!  I romanticize my grandmother’s era. Perhaps I’m a victim of Golden Age thinking, but I think she could teach us a few things about how to cook, host a party, warm up a room, welcome strangers, cook for them and strike up a meaningful conversation. We could learn from her how make something that’s fresh and simple, how to sit down, eat and enjoy each other without the noise of a TV or the rush of an overbooked calendar.

The heart of Vintage Mixer is about a meal, a table and a conversation.  Too many meals are filled with over processed foods. I like to revert back to my Grandmother’s era when folks cooked with what was fresh and used real ingredients (you know… like ripe fruit, fresh vegetables, real butter, and eggs).

Our calendars could fill as quickly as we allow, so we have to fight for moments around the table together.  So, it’s time to gather around a table again with a meaningful meal, filled with fresh and healthy food and good company.

The Vintage Mixer resources you on recipes, atmosphere and the art of valuing family, friends and strangers by making incredible food paired with good drink in a room that encourages guests to stay as long as they’d like and leave more refreshed than when they arrived. I do all of this in Salt Lake City, Utah where I live with my husband Josh Rosenthal, who is a managing partner of La Barba Coffee, our son Everett and daughter Ruthie, and our hopelessly needy Portuguese Waterdog, Henry.  We also attend church  at Missio Dei. For all of you SLC folks reading, check out theSLCfoodie.com for local food info, @SLCfoodie on Twitter or SLCmixers to learn a bit more about what I do around here.

Author of The Vintage Mixer blog

A few fun and random things to know about me:
1. I am in love with my dog Henry, my kids Everett and Ruthie and certainly my husband Josh, who inspires me every day
2. I grew up in the Lone Star State and now reside in the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City
3. I went to the great University of Oklahoma and I’ll always be a Sooner!
4. I often lose sleep dreaming up small gatherings of friends and what we’ll be eating together
5. Ever since taking a train across the Russian countryside I’ve been obsessed with trains
6. I once walked 100 miles in 7 days across Northern Spain

– Becky