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Warm Winter-y Breakfast Ideas

Written by Becky

I think I would have done well as a breakfast blogger.  Is it possible to just switch it all at this point?!  Breakfast is the meal I think of most. When I’m eating dinner I could also be thinking of what I’ll make for breakfast and when Josh has a whim to take us out for breakfast I get crazy giddy like a kid about to get whip cream smiley face pancakes. Its an obsession.

My favorite breakfasts are usually sweet though, I try and balance myself out with a little something savory on the occasion. If its a late brunch then maybe I’ll dive full into the savory category ordering a hash or benedict of some sort or if I’m trying to impress my husband at home I’ll make Eggs Benedict with bacon and avocado. But normally its the slightly sweet morning comforts that really get me…. oatmeal with all the fixins, waffles, from scratch pancakes, or a homemade coffee cake or pastries.  Winter is the perfect season for these warm hearty breakfasts.  My current breakfast experimenting list is almost endless but the breakfast recipe posts that I’ve shared in the past are still some of my favorites.  Here are a few to get you through the cold months!

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And a few more:
The morning isn’t just all about the food either.  It’s a peaceful new beginning. I’ve shared with you in the past that I like to take some time to reflect, read the Bible and pray in the mornings. Now that Everett can eat breakfast with his own two capable hands, I again have a few moments to myself (what this really looks like is him sitting in his high chair beside me while I read though a daily devotional. Then I usually make time for prayer and meditation in the evenings once he is asleep or as I’m putting him to sleep).  I’ve been reading the SheReadsTruth study on John which has been really great as John is one of my favorite books. It’s a perfect place to start if you’ve never studied the Bible to get to know who Jesus was and is. Or if you’re a seasoned Bible reader, its great to be reminded of the character and miracles of Jesus. Here are a few more great morning time devotions to help things start on the right path:
Daily Texts a classic devotion that has been used since 1731. Everyday there are new verses to read and a short prayer. Josh and I read through these for years and you can find them online or buy the little book. It’s simple and it makes me feel connected to the many who have gone before me in reading the same text.
The Verses Project a more modern way of worship and study through visual art, music and scripture.  Every week a new verse is released that coincides with a song and piece of art. You can also sign up for their weekly email and hear a bit more depth in the verse they chose for the week.
Sacred Space a guided prayer through scripture and meditation. I used this one off an on through last year and I enjoyed how easy it was to access on my phone and the meditation pieces that it gave.
She Reads Truth a women’s online Bible Study with app available for iPhone.  These studies are mainly based on topics or certain books of the Bible. The studies are written by a variety of women so you get several perspectives through one study as well as visual art through photography and verses to think about and memorize.
Sometimes I just need to be reminded that His graces are new every morning!

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