What is truffle oil?

Written by Becky

Truffles are a glorious food discovery that have actually been around since the 18th century. Technically a truffle is is the fruiting body of an underground
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mushroom. This highly prized fungus has been praised as the “diamond of the kitchen.” Over the last few years, America has been embracing truffles and restaurants have been using truffles and truffle oil in their finest dishes.

Truffle oil really exists only because truffles are so expensive and there needed to be way to add the flavor to the food with less cost involved.  The difference between a high quality truffle oil and a standard truffle oil can be detrimental to the lasting flavor of the oil. Local Food Writer for City Weekly, Ted Shceffler wrote about the process of making truffle oil in his latest write up, Truffle in Paradise.

This post was inspired by an encounter I had this week with a guy in the truffle making business, Francesco Mazzini.  I enjoyed gaining insight on the truffle world from Francesco’s vast knowledge and experience. More than the immense flavor of the truffles that he is bringing into Utah, I enjoyed the zeal and devotion that he displayed, much like the passion of Cristiano Creminelli for Salami or Kendal Sean Russell from Larks Meadow Farms Cheese– two local artisan food producers proud of the way they make a living.  The dedication and spirit of the people in the artisan food world is something I’ve found to be inspiring and extraordinary. Urbani truffles, some of the most sough after truffles in the US, are now being sold at Tony Caputo’s along with their high quality truffle oil.

Here are some ideas for how to use truffle oil or truffles:
Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms with truffle oil by Epicurious
Truffle oil Mac and Cheese by The Food Network
Crostini with Fresh Truffles by Urbani
Popcorn with Truffle Oil by Epicurious

My favorite ways to use truffle oil is to drizzle some over popcorn or add to my favorite mac and cheese recipe.

Tips for cooking with truffle oil
Add the oil at the end of what you are preparing to maximize the flavor
Use truffle oil with more mild ingredients so they won’t be completing for flavor

What are your favorite ways to use truffle oil?

Weekend Credits
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Have a wonderful weekend!

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