Vintage Kitchenware on Etsy

Vintage Kitchenware on Vintage Mixer etsy

Written by Becky

Ever since I was in college I’ve enjoyed browsing antique shops, garage sales, and anywhere else I might find something interesting that survived from a different era. My girl friends and I would all hop in one car and we’d plan our afternoon around a handful of vintage shops in the cities nearest where we lived. I’ve continued that tradition even now, as many of the antique shop employees around Salt Lake even know my name. Many of the items I see in vintage shops are reminiscent of my grandmother or mother’s era. I love finding a dish, a mug or a pair of salt of pepper shakers that would add some intrigue to our dinner table or that might be an interesting prop for my food photography. After a while, if you live in a small bungalow like me, your small stash of vintage items becomes a large stash. Today I’m starting to share my treasures by selling vintage kitchenware on etsy.If you’re a food photographer, food stylist, blogger, or just enjoy collecting interesting kitchen items from a different era, you must check out the Vintage Mixer etsy.  Here are some photos of of my loot:

Vintage glass spice jars

glass spice jars

Yellow Vintage Canisters

flour & sugar canisters

Mid Century Modern Atomic salt and pepper shakers

mid-century atomic salt and pepper shakers

yellow Waterford Dutch oven

cheerful Waterford Dutch Oven

Also, not to be missed are the corkscrews from France made in the 1800s.  I hope you take the time to peruse the shop –

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