The Great Wall of China

Written by Becky

Of course we couldn’t go to Beijing without visiting the Great Wall.  We hired a driver to take us one and a half hours outside of the city to this mysterious ancient wonder.  We hiked along its crooked path and viewed the hills and countryside of China.  We were greeted by vendors along the way selling ‘cold waterbeer’ and ‘sneekers candy’.  We chuckled a little over the infusion of the english words they used to sell us their offerings.  Not being able to resist their efforts we bought more than one water from the men and women lining the walls.

Our trek to and around this historic wall was well worth the effort, though our legs were sore the following days.

We made a few more observations about this foreign place as we explored China.  For one, there is a relearning phase that you must go through to master the art of going to the bathroom in a Chinese squatty potty.  Also, you want to carry antibacterial wash and toilet paper with you wherever you go because bathrooms usually are not supplied with soap or tp. The strange smells on the street are probably from one of two things: a “stinky tofu” or bad sewage draining in the public restroom.  They smell similar actually, and because of that I wouldn’t recommend eating the tofu. Ch-English translations of signs around town are quite humerous.  And last but not least, hot tea is served complimentary with every meal which is a nice bonus considering the tap water is undrinkable.

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