Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Written by Becky

Over the years my number of ‘favorite’ Thanksgiving pie recipes has steadily increased. There is one special Thanksgiving pie, my Grandma’s Chess Pie, that I must make every year but after experimenting with new recipes over time, I now have several other pies that I crave as well.

Pumpkin Chocolate Pie Recipe

First off, every Thanksgiving table should have some variety of Pumpkin Pie, my favorite is Chocolate Pumpkin Pie. It’s not too heavy on pumpkin flavor but perfectly balanced with creamy rich chocolate. For the crust, you can use a gingersnap crust or a normal pie crust. I’m not a pie crust expert so I usually stick to nut crusts or gingersnap crusts but my friends Barbara and Annalise have perfected the pie crust challenge, you can view their blogs for pie crust recipes: Barbara Bakes and Completely Delicious.

Maple Buttermilk Pie with Meringue

Besides the classics like Pumpkin Pie, your dessert table should include a more unusual pie, like this Maple Buttermilk Pie with Meringue. It’s elegant and interesting and a pie that friends and family will be begging for the recipe.

Chess Pie Recipe

If you’ve never tasted or a Chess Pie, or maybe you don’t even know what one is, here’s your chance! I’ve been having Chess Pie on holidays for years and it’s my absolute favorite dish at the Thanksgiving table. It’s become and essential part of our Thanksgiving meal. Though many have never heard of it, it is a very popular pie in the South. Some people even call it crack pie. Its so good, I usually have a slice for breakfast the next day too!

Apricot Hazelnut Pie Recipe

If you need a fruity-fix, try this Apricot Hazelnut Pie. The balance of toasted nutty aroma with tart fruit flavor, makes for a perfectly balanced and not too heavy dessert.

Chocolate Hazelnut Pie Recipe with Gingersnap Crust

And last but not least, for the chocolate lovers in your family, try this smooth and creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Pie. I made it for the first time this year and I can hardly wait to make it again. This pie can be made with regular pie crust , nut crust, or gingersnap crust, whichever you desire. The creamy chocolate center is perfectly decadent for this special once-a-year meal!

These are my very favorite pies for Thanksgiving but I would love to know yours! Please leave a comment with your favorite holiday pie (and links too if you have them!).

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  1. Wow! These pies look GREAT. I want to try the chocolate and pumpkin pie, but I would be up for any of them. I hope to get one or more of these during the Christmas holiday.

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