Strawberry Tomato Sauce Recipe & A Vintage Mixer Cooking Class

Written by Becky

Strawberries Tomato Sauce. I know what you’re thinking. A strange combination, right?  But in perfect balance, a sweeter tomato added to the strawberries just gives this sauce a rustic and earthy flavor that you can’t quite put your finger on. And then when you mix in some herbs with and a few spoonfuls of honey, this sauce so exquisite that you’ll be looking for more foods to serve it over. Strawberry Tomato sauce is perfectly delicious over ice cream, like the cashew vanilla ice cream we made at our cooking class this weekend. But feel free to get creative… try it over oatmeal, as a dip, or maybe even over pasta , on pizza, or add some ginger and serve it over chicken or pork. Limitless possibilities. I would love to hear your ideas on how to use this sweet and savory sauce!

Our weekend was jam packed for us from sunrise to sunset.  On Saturday we had our first ever Vintage Mixer Cooking Class with Raw Melissa and Jen from Delightful Delicacies, which was a blast! We made 7 recipes, including the delicious sauce recipe I’m sharing today, which was made from heritage strawberries and heirloom tomatoes picked fresh that day from Jacob’s Cove Farm.

Our Vintage Mixers are always to be more than just a class, a tasting, or a dinner, but a gathering of people and personalities around food, just like our first class as we gathered a unique group for wine tasting. Our desire is for people to learn more about food, eating seasonally and more healthily, and to spur enthusiasm for the growing food culture in Salt Lake.

This recent class with Melissa and Jenn, accomplished just that.  We all learned more about the foods that are provided by local growers and how to best use those ingredients to make tasty and wholesome dishes that will be sure to please the friends and family we cook for.

For more photos of this event check out the SLC Foodie facebook page.

After the class I went to a dear friend’s baby shower, for which I brought the cutest little dessert shots (I hope to share those with you soon!) Then to top it all off,  Josh and I stopped by Craft Lake City to see our friend’s booth, Tiny Robot Factory. We were amazed by all of the talented crafters and artisans that we have in Salt Lake.  We finished the day of right, by sitting on our porch sipping wine until the sun set. I’m not sure if sitting on the porch has ever felt so good.

Strawberry Tomato Sauce
by Raw Melissa and Delightful Delicacies

1 pint of strawberries (hulled and stems removed if you prefer)
1 small lightly colored tomato (the more yellow the sweeter the flavor)
honey, to taste
a few fresh herbs (optional), we used a few sprigs of the flowering part of a mint plant, but you could also use basil, or any other herb you prefer

Combine a tennis-ball-sized sweet tomato with the strawberries in a blender.  Blend until smoother adding honey and fresh herbs to taste.  You can add some liquid coconut oil if you would like the sauce to be ticker.  Refrigerate the sauce to thicken, otherwise serve it immediately over ice cream or whatever you choose.

You could also strain the sauce to remove any seeds or pulp if you prefer that and have the extra time.

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  1. Oh you would have loved the menu Maria!! Tons of veggies, lots of creative sauces and flavors, and they gave some really fun tips too!

  2. I so wanted to attend that class! This sauce sounds delicious–can't wait to try it. (And your photos are beautiful as always!)

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks like we all missed a good class. I would totally dip everything into that sauce. Pinning it!

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