What's in season in May

Seasonal Produce for May

Written by Becky

May came a little early this year. My tulips and daffodils have come and gone, I’ve already pulled out my shorts and sandals out of the basement, and our garden is already starting to bud from last years fall planting. But there’s one things that’s come into full bloom just in time… Rhubarb! One of my favorite tastes of spring is rhubarb. My sweet friend already dropped a few stems by for me from her bountiful supply. The rhubarb in my yard is not quite ready but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will ripen this year for the first time (after you plant rhubarb it takes about 3 years to mature enough to be harvested and this is year 3 for us). What tastes and flavors

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Special thanks to my creative friend Heidi for the pretty terrarium you see in the picture!

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    • mmm!! I’m a huge fan of mint too! I don’t use it often enough in recipes. We use it all summer long for mint juleps and mojitos!

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