Raw Oats Recipe with Fresh Fruit and Our Trip to Malibu, Canada

Written by Becky

One of my routine breakfasts all summer long has been this very simple recipe for raw oats.  Did you even know you could eat oats raw?  Its kind of strange, I know, but you have to just trust me on this one.   Plus they are super easy to travel with. I just took them with me on an early morning flight this past weekend to BC Canada. So much better than airport food!

So I must tell you about my rendezvous to Canada this past weekend.  Josh and I went to one of the most beautiful places on earth, an area that can only be reached by yacht or sea plane and is surrounded by stunning steep mountains and waterfalls. Josh was asked to play music for a Marriage Retreat here, one that we’ve been a part of before but never at this location, and we were both jumped at the chance to go! It was one of those times that you have to keep poking yourself if this is real or not.

The Lodge we stayed at was built in the 1940s by a rich Californian, wanting to create a exclusive destination for his ritzy friends. He since sold it to Young Life and it is now being used for camps and retreats. I love picturing what it was like in the 40’s, lively with lots of families mingling, boats in the dock and music in the ballroom. And now it is still stunning, almost magical, and a place that allows people and kids to withdraw from the world for a bit and be surrounded by the optimal beauty and serenity. The waters are so still and calm that you can’t help but feel peaceful and relaxed and the steep mountains literally take your breath away.

All I could think about all weekend was how gracious and loving God is. Amidst chaos and conflict at home, this is was an abundant blessing to us.

Now, back to the oats…

Making raw oats takes less than a minute to prepare (15 minutes to sit) and has a chewy more substantial bite than hot oatmeal. I like to use sweetened vanilla almond milk with the oats to sweeten them up and take away the natural starchy oat flavor. With a dash of cinnamon and some fresh fruit, you suddenly have a cool version of oatmeal that can be enjoyed year around.

I also love to make this in a jar and take to go on a morning hike or as I travel. If you are planning on traveling through an airport with these, wait and add the milk until after you go through security. I just place the oats in a jar then add milk from a coffee shop in the airport, then shake them up and have a hearty breakfast on the plane! Here is my simple recipes for Raw Oats.

Raw Oats Recipe
for one individual serving

1/2 cup of whole oats (not quick cooking)
milk (enough to cover the oats) I use Vanilla Almond Milk but use what you prefer
dash of cinnamon
1/2 tsp of ground flax seed (optional, of course)
fresh fruit, like the juicy pluot pictured above
agave or honey to drizzle on top

Place oats in a bowl or jar.  Pour almond milk over the oats until they are covered. Let the oats sit for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator (I do this while I take a shower).  When you take the oats out of the refrigerator they will have soaked up a lot of the milk. You may want to add a bit more milk if you want the consistency to be more like cereal. Then add a few sprinkles of cinnamon, a handful of fresh fruit like berries or slices peaches. Top the fruit with honey or agave.

This is really just a basic recipe much like my recipe for Breakfast Quinoa. Be creative… add maple syrup, nuts, dried fruit, spices, chopped apple, raisins, pumpkin puree… endless variety with this recipe!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that's the Young Life Malibu Club! I went there several times in my early teens. It's a stunning spot! You were in a place where my heart lays.

  2. What an amazing picture. I'd love to spend some time there. You are such a smart traveler. Great idea for a healthy breakfast on the go!

  3. Great photo! I probably eat my oats raw 90% of the time. Try with plain yogurt, diced granny smith, walnuts, dried cranberry, drizzle honey and cinnamon.

  4. Andrea, that sounds perfect. I'll be trying that soon. It sounds like the Swiss Oats from the Corner Bakery, which I love!

  5. Yum! Since I was a kid I've been eating raw oats for breakfast – back then it was just with milk, now with dried fruit and water (can't have cow/nut/rice milk right now, boo).

    Letting the oats sit for a moment with the water creates a kind of milk (in fact, I seem to remember having a tea in the Czech Republic made from oats). Can't wait for breakfast after reading this…

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