Pecan Milk Recipe

Pecan Milk Recipe

Written by Becky

I recently discovered that you can use the same process for almond milk or any nut milk recipe an just exchange the nuts.  The only variety between recipes is the variety of sweetness.  This recipe for pecan milk is a simple one, sweetened naturally with dates, making for a perfectly satisfying and slightly sweet milk alternative.  You may use this recipe for almond milk as well.

I chose pecans, because I happen to have an abundance of them around the holidays, plus I actually prefer their taste to almonds. The pecans make for a nutty, wintry flavored milk, perfect around the holidays or throughout the winter. The process is quite easy – soak the nuts over night, blend with sweetener like dates, then strain with a cheesecloth or small strainer. You can store the milk in a glass jar with an air-tight seal like the weck juice jar I used.

Pecan Milk Recipe

Now that the holidays are over and the family has gone home, I can get back into a routine of eating a bit more normal and healthy, which feels really good.  We ate well over the holidays, to say the least. Cinnamon rolls, lasagna, pulled pork, chicken pot pie, and bacon and egg strata were just a few recipes on my menu. But now I’m tired of cooking, lacking in zeal from all the picky eaters I tried to please (some more successfully than others), and in need of a cleanse of sorts.  I’ve been having oats for breakfast most days, a light lunch of leftovers or soup, and soup or stew for dinner.  I’m hoping desserts to be more of a rarity this month but this pecan milk sure does satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!

I found many uses for pecan milk- over oatmeal, alongside some chocolate or a small sweet treat, for a mid day snack, but my favorite way to enjoy it was as a late night drink warmed up with a cinnamon stick. I found it to be a delicious and healthy alternative to hot chocolate.  Or add in a little dark chocolate for a little light indulgence!  Enjoy!

Pecan Milk Recipe

Pecan Milk Recipe

Pecan Milk Recipe

Try pecans for this fun twist on nut milk. 
Course Drinks, Snack


  • 1 1/4 cups unsalted pecans, raw or toasted
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 2 dates
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, optional
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, optional
  • dash of salt


  • Combine pecans water and salt and soak in an air-tight container over night (minimum 9 hours) in the refrigerator.
  • Pour pecan/water mixture into a blender (note that the liquid should be a golden color). Add the two dates, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Process on high for 2 minutes or until smoother.
  • At this point you can strain out the nut pulp through a nut milk bag, cheese cloth or a strainer or you can just keep as is if you don't mind the gritty texture. (If straining, save the excess nut pulp to use in oatmeal or cookies).
  • Store the milk in the refrigerator in an air-tight container. This will last for about 2 weeks.

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  1. i absolutely adore pecans! i make a batch of pecan butter every couple of weeks and it’s one of my very favorite things in the world. i never thought to make milk with it, but it makes perfect sense!

      • So I made it, but I did with just the pecans and water (and figured I would sweeten whenever I used some). Goodness!!! This stuff is great. I have about 2lbs of pecans in my freezer still and as soon as this batch of milk is done, I’ll be making more. This is such a great alternative to dairy milk. Thanks again.

  2. I buy different nut varieties in bulk and I thought about making pecan milk (I love making almond milk from scratch now!) and I came across your recipe. I, of course, soaked my pecans right away! I couldn’t wait to come home from work today and make it! Instead of honey, I replaced it with pure maple syrup. I added the cinnamon, but not the nutmeg. It tastes DELICIOUS! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I think I found a new love in my dairy-free milks!

  3. Oh, this looks and sounds so delicious! Can’t wait to try it and ‘experiment’. Thinking of freezing some to make a ‘milkshake’! What a treat! 🙂

  4. Just made this and it was deliscious! But after sitting in the fridge for an hour, it separated. Is that normal or did I do something wrong? I don’t mind just mixing it up if I’m drinking it but I was going to make yogurt out of it, so not sure I should use this batch. Did this happen to anyone else?

  5. I’m so thrilled to see this. I just rented a house in Tennessee, and in the yard is a HUGE pecan tree, probably 70 years old. I’m so excited!! Free milk, wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    • Oh my gosh!! Lee Ann you scored big time!! Pecans are my favorite. I think you could also make pecan butter (instead of peanut butter) and I just made a tart that I’ll be posting later this month that has toasted pecans in the crust. So much you could do with them! I hope you don’t get sick of them!!

  6. I have 6 gallon size baggies of pecans.. I am definitely giving this a go. Thanks for the great idea. What would you need to make it into butter?

    • Regina, as for pecan butter it’s even easier!! I would roast the pecans in the oven for 6-8 minutes or until fragrant, let cool, then process in a food processor with a little bit of salt for 10 minutes or until smooth like butter. Sometimes it takes a while to completely process them so just keep the processor going until they’re like peanut butter. Then you can add any flavoring you’d like – more salt, maple syrup, honey etc. Enjoy your pecans!

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