Peach and Prosciutto Salad Recipe with Goat Cheese and Marcona Almonds

Peach and Prosciutto Salad

Written by Becky

I created this Peach and Prosciutto Salad originally in 2009 with some friends on a weekend trip. It was quickly enjoyed by all then just as quickly forgotten into a sea of old blog posts.  As I read through the old post (badly written and even more poorly photographed) I couldn’t help but think of where God has brought me.  He has gently lead me into motherhood since then, into a deeper union of marriage, and into a vocation of food writing and photography.  Food has lead me into many new friendships. Around dinner tables we have met people in our city that we would have never met otherwise.  Reading through the old post of seemingly meaningless words, I felt a new inspiration to write with more depth and insight. I hope in the coming months to share more of what God is doing in my life and how He uses food to bring people together.

For today, I will leave you with a verse I’ve been cherishing during my first three months of motherhood.

He tends His flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart;
he gently leads those that have young.
– Isaiah 40:11

Peach and Prosciutto Salad Recipe

Peach and Prosciutto Salad Recipe Peach and Prosciutto Salad Recipe

Peach and Prosciutto Salad

This is a Summer Salad you'll want to make all season long with peaches and prosciutto. 
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Gluten Free
Servings 4 servings


  • 1 head of romaine lettuce
  • a few handfuls of arugula
  • 2 large peaches, sliced
  • 1/2 cup marcona almonds
  • 1/6 lb of Prosciutto or about 10 strips (Tony Caputos has great smoked prosciutto)
  • 1/2 cup Goat Cheese

The Dressing

  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
  • 3 TB Balsamic Vinegar
  • 2 TB Honey
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Chop lettuce and mix in arugula. Slice Peaches.
  • Place prosciutto on skillet and cook on med heat for 2-3 minutes or just before it gets crispy then into small into pieces and set aside. 
  • Toss almonds, peaches, prosciutto and goat cheese in with the lettuce. 

For the dressing

  • Whisk olive oil with balsamic vinegar, honey and salt and pepper then drizzle over salad (you may have extra dressing leftover). 


This salad is a perfect compliment to a big pan of Spanish Paella and Sangria. It's simple to make and you can alter the ingredients based on whats in season, although peach and prosciutto are a wonderful pair together. The goat cheese is a staple but for those who don't like goat cheese, try feta, and Marcona almonds can be substituted for regular almonds or pecans.

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  1. I think you did a wonderful job leading the hikes. I only wish I could have gone with you because I love hiking, but as you know, I was stuck in the kitchen either cooking or prepping the next meal. Love the picture of the salad. I didn't know it looked so good, I was too busy getting it ready for the hovering teenagers. 🙂

  2. Loved this blog post! Didn't you get a crack up at my pictures from the hike? haha. Laraine, your cooking was absolutely wonderful! So glad I got to share the weekend with you two.

  3. A weekend with teenagers?! Glad everything worked out and it was fun. Thanks for the link to good hikes, I am always up for some place new to see the scenery!

  4. Pamela- Hope you get a chance to try the hike! It's worth it!

    DBH- I think you'll love the salad. Please let me know if you make any changes for the better 🙂

    Dana and Loraine- it was a pleasure spending the weekend with you!

  5. This sounds very delicious and gives me more ideas for peaches! Thanks for the Caputo’s shout-out, too! And we must be on the same wavelength because we just put a grilled figs, arugula and goat cheese salad on our blog!

  6. The sweet peaches and salty prosciutto go together swimmingly, I imagine! This is a combo I would love to try. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us! P. S.- You have a beautiful blog.

  7. Had to come read this post, love the old comments. This makes me laugh! Glad for timeless things… peach salads and God for example. 🙂 Love ya.

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