Everett Rosenthal Birth Announcement

Introducing Everett Rosenthal

Written by Becky

Astonished by the complete miracle that having a baby is, we’ve been basking in every moment.  I recently read this quote and thought it fit our few days we’ve had together perfectly:

Nostalgia amounts to the triangulation of a moment. Like trying to hold a bubble in your hand or committing one summer’s sunset to memory.  This is about longing, to go back, to stretch one perfect moment into an eternity, to return to a taste, to stay always with friends as the soft night sifts into the sky.  Our lives, in this way are a series of exquisite losses.  Ones we can be thankful for.    – Anna Dunn

Everett is truly our little miracle, born with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck and after a long labor and 4 hours of pushing.  All of the effort was suddenly worth it as we heard our newborn son let out his first loud and healthy cry.  Since then we’ve been enjoying every little moment with him: his first bath, sweet little cooing noises, his little ducky cry, those big blue eyes, and snuggling him for afternoon naps. Moments which we may never get again but are cherished none-the-less.  Today we are grateful that he is with us and that we get to be his parents.

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  1. Oh he is just Perfect!!! I am SO happy for you guys and your little miracle. Cherish it! I loved the quote. Wishing your little family many blessings!

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Becky und Josh! Congratulations from Germany! What a perfect little boy!!! Best wishes for you all!

  3. Halen told me a bit of your story, and I can totally relate. It was so rough, but I’ve never felt like more of a rockstar. Congratulations! He is a tiny piece of perfect.

    • Hope, what a perfect way to describe him – a little piece of perfect 🙂 And yes, I’d take a hard labor and healthy child any day verses the reverse. Hope you are doing well too!

  4. I’m so thrilled for you and Josh, what’ a little bundle of love. You think you love him now, but it only will deepen more over time. It just gets better each and every day. Much love!

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