October Unprocessed Seasonal Produce Guide

October Unprocessed Food Guide

Written by Becky

Last year I took a risk and tried going a full month eating only unprocessed foods. I had no idea if I could do it or what I would learn along the way. It was a beautiful month of discovery and building confidence in how I already cook along with a little push for how I hope to cook – even more purely. When October came closer this year it was a no brainer for us to take on this challenge again. As a new mom, I want to stay and feel healthy with plenty of energy, and I know the best way to do that is to load up on good, real foods.

If you’re interested in taking on this challenge with me this year, here is a simple definition of unprocessed food:

“Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.” – Andrew Wilder.

Check out Eating Rules.com for a more specific guideline on what is unprocessed and how to alter your lifestyle this month. I feel, the best way to eat unprocessed is to eat fresh and in season. Save the October Desktop Image to your computer and phone to remember what’s in season then use fresh and unprocessed ingredients to cook these foods up!

I have a full updated post of breakfast, lunch, and dinner October Unprocessed Recipes here and Amiee from Simple Bites has a great post with a menu plan here.

Here’s an image for your phone as well-

October Unprocessed Seasonal Produce Guide

Check out my post of unprocessed breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes:

October Unprocessed Recipes

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    • Thanks Maria! We eat unprocessed regularly as well but it will be a good challenge to go the full month! And cereal is a hard one for me too – I’ll be eating more muesli and oatmeal this month for sure.

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