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Loud Harp free download

Written by Becky

Hi friends! I just wanted to share with you some music I’ve been

listening to lately. You can download Loud Harp for free at ComeandLive.com or pick it up on iTunes and if you want to see them live in concert you should check them out live at the University of Utah Post Theater on September 29th. Here’s how Asher describes his music:

We desire to make music that explores and makes known the peace that Jesus gives. A peace that echoes loud in our hearts, louder than our doubts and fears.

I’d love to hear what music you’ve been listening to lately. Please leave a comment with your current favorite tunes!

Happy Friday and peaceful listening:)

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  1. Oh this is nice! I’ve been listening to Josh Garrels (can’t seem to get enough). I’m glad I found your blog, your recipes look delish!

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