Henry the Portuguese Water Dog

Henry the ‘older and more mature’ Pup

Written by Becky

I feel like a bad mom.  I only posted about our sweet pup when he was young and spry and have neglected many posts since.  He’s still cuter than ever and much smarter now. He now can go on a walk peacefully, tells us when he needs to go out, and even has his own little section of yard to go to the bathroom in so our grass doesn’t all die. We’re so proud ..haha!

Occasionally, he still eats something he’s not supposed to. When we leave him at home alone we have to fully Henry-proof the house.  If there are any temptations near his reach, they will be destructed. Case-in-point, he ate a few pages out of my Bible while I was in the shower the other day. I guess it applies to dogs too when God said,  ‘Man does not live on bread alone.’

He is quite possibly the sweetest dog ever though so I couldn’t be to mad about my now partially eaten word of God. Henry proved his sweetness yesterday when we had someone over that we needed to impress yesterday and he laid his head on her foot as we chatted. You just can’t train that!

Here are some more recent shots of our furry friend:

Henry the Portuguese Water Dog Henry the Portuguese Water Dog

Henry the Portuguese Water Dog

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