Healthy and Easy Recipes for Moms

Healthy and Easy Recipes for New Mamas

Written by Becky

Eating well and exercising can really make a difference as someone transitions into motherhood – though both seem almost impossible to do. If you follow my blog series, One Handed Recipes for New Mamas, you have learned, alongside me, some wonderful, healthy ideas and inspirational stories from other mamas. As this series comes to a close, I’d like to celebrate with one big GIVEAWAY.

Albion Fitness, my favorite shop for fitness attire, is offering $200 to a reader today (see below for details) and an exclusive discount for all readers–$20 off a purchase of $50 or more on or at the Salt Lake City Creek store (use promo code VintageMixer). For entry into this giveaway please leave a comment with your tip for a quick and healthy meal for new moms or other busy folks AND tell us your favorite item at For bonus entry you may instagram or pin your favorite albionfit item with the hashtag #albionfit. Winner will be announced Monday. The Winner Is Julie Huebner!!

And just in case some of you missed the series on healthy recipes for new moms, here is a summary of what was shared:

Healthy and Easy Recipes for New Moms

Here are the recipes that were shared along with some others that I’ve posted in the past, which also work well for this series:

Breakfast ideas that can be made with a baby in your arms:

Breakfast Tacos with Avocado, Tomato, and Feta

Beet, Raspberry, Banana Smoothie

Eggs in a Frame

Apricot Millet Kasha

Make-ahead breakfast ideas to enjoy all week long:

Egg Muffins with Kale, Cheddar, and Peppers

Blueberry Pistachio Granola

Steel Cut Oats in a Jar

Coconut Granola

Lunch ideas that can be made with a baby in your arms:

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables

Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Kasha

Open Faced Sandwiches – PB Honey Banana, Hummus with Veggies, or Ricotta and Fruit

Make-ahead lunch ideas to enjoy all week long:

Homemade Chicken Salad with Grapes and Almonds

Homemade Frozen Bean and Veggie Burritos


Comments (57)

  1. Quinoa in the slow cooker. Just add Quinoa, a can of black beans, bell pepper, onion, green chillies and vegetable broth! Cook on high for 2 hours and top with guacamole, so easy.

    I love the “Love Racer” especially in coral.

  2. oops! I pressed enter to fast.
    I love these one handed recipes! I think a smoothie is a healthy option that is pretty easily done. I like to add spinach or kale for extra nutrients (that you can’t taste, which is great for kiddos). Thanks for the giveaway.
    My favorite albionfit item is The Sweet Stripe Full Zip in Coral/Gray!

    • YES!! I love greens in my smoothies too. And there’s just something about eating a brightly colored smoothie that makes me happy 🙂 Thanks for the comment Sarah

  3. Ohhhh! I’m sucker for a warm, flattering hoodie and I think the east coast hoodie would do the trick! My kids preschool does not have carpool so I’m always looking for something quick, yet put together, while I run her in before I workout. I have two quick tips: I always keep Lara bars on hand. With 3 kids 4 and under Its sometimes 2 and I’ve only had breakfast. I love Lara bars bc they are a heathy quick snack I can go to instead of my kids goldfish or graham crackers 🙂 I also manage to workout 6 days a week with my crew and have found that working out at home is where it’s at. I was wasting so much time driving to the gym and driving home and missing precious time with my littles while I left. Now I work out with them at home and they watch or join along. Sometimes I’ve got to hit pause bc my middle child has to potty but it’s totally worth it. And it makes me feel good that they can be part of healthy habits!

  4. boiled eggs are my go-to easy, quick meal
    along with throwing a roast into the crockpot.

    i love love any of the “go long” leggings and crew tops.

    • Stefanie, I need to perfect the boiled egg 🙂 I usually just fry or scramble mine but they are so beautiful boiled. Thanks for the idea! And slow cooked roast.. yum!!

  5. I will be a new mama next month, so no experience yet– but I know I will be making those breakfast tacos with avocado, tomato and feta! I’m a breakfast taco kinda girl and I always find them simple to put together and so satisfying.

    • Rachel, so excited for you to venture into motherhood!! I hope this will help you be just a little more prepared with some tasty food ideas up your sleeve. Take care 🙂

  6. My favorite and easy go-to this season is an fried egg, heirloom tomato and avocado sandwich on toasted artisan bread. And… the East Coast Hoodie from albion fit looks like something I want to wear right now. Comfortable and warm.

  7. My favorite meal for on the go mom’s is a salad! You can prep everything before hand. Also crock pot meals are great.
    I love the pink racer tank from Albion Fit

  8. I love your quick and easy recipes up there! A soft over-easy egg on sauteed greens of any kind is my go-to for something delicious in a hurry. I’ve had my eye on the illusion capris, but everything is really cute!

  9. Our quick and healthy go-to meal lately is breakfast for dinner. Eggs-any style you choose, with veggies and turkey bacon.

  10. Thanks for the series. Baby is due Halloween so we’re expecting any day now and I’m sure these will come in handy soon enough! 🙂
    One of our quick go to meals is whole wheat pasta with seasonal veggies and parmesan.
    I love the feminine look of Albion’s petal pants and all their cozy looking hoodies. Can’t wait to get back to the gym!

  11. I make a lot of scrambled eggs. Another thing I try to do is double a lot of my recipes so that I can freeze one for later. I loved this series, Becky! It gave me some really great ideas–thank you! Also loved the “east coast hoodie ” from Albion.

  12. I like to make a roast in my slow cooker and then transform it into several days of meals. Beef tacos one night, bbq beef sandwiches, stir fry beef and broccoli etc. It’s nice to cook one night for several days worth of meals.
    From Albion I love all their cute stylish hoodies.

  13. The lunch I made yesterday was easy and really good: I baked bacon in the oven and then crumbled it in a bowl with avocado + cherry tomatoes + romaine. Sort of like BLT in a bowl!

    I love the looks of those Sweet Stripe Capris, and I need some new workout wear since I’ve lost weight! Fingers crossed… 🙂

  14. I am usually very busy and work longer hours, so having something at the ready is always important – I prep all my meals for the week on Sunday, freeze half of them, and am ready to go for the week! Just heat them up and serve. The crockpot has also become one of my best friends, haha.

    I love Albon Fit – I own their 26.2 Jacket and it was a fantastic purchase. The next thing I am eye-ing from them is the Breathe Freely Tanks, especially the ivory color!

    Thanks! I also Pinned from my account, Christine Presto

  15. My quick meal is an omelet with LOTS of fresh veggies: spinach, tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, onions,and cheese. Yum!

    My favorite Albion item is the flatter me zip hoodie in navy.

  16. I work with so I always recommend that to new moms. Let me know if you’d like to share some of your ideas on our blog!

    I like the East Coast Hoodie and the long crews!

  17. I use my freezer a lot – makes two loaves of bread and cut in 1/3 and freeze, cook a big old pot of beans and freeze most, make extra veggies and freeze, double a batch of cookies and that type of thing. that way I always have wholesome food on hand.

    the east coast hoodie would be my favorite.

    • Jacquie, that’s such a great idea to double up and freeze when you do have time to cook. I need to freeze things more often. Thanks for leaving your tip!

  18. The rice cooker is my friend. Grill some shrimp and veggies of choice such as asparagus, put a little teriyaki sauce on over your rice and voila balanced and healthy. On the website I liked the crunched flatter fit hoody.

  19. Yogurt….topped with any array of nuts, coconut, berries, pomegranate, granola, etc! Easy and yummy… And I love all of the clothes but I think that racer back is amazing!!!! Btw great idea for a few posts. New moms are hungry and tired!!!

  20. I am in love with the East Coast Hoodie! Thumb holes? Roomy? Hoodie? Yes please! For a quick & healthy mama meal – I recommend a “kitchen sink” salad — basically a chopped salad of all the odds and ends you have in your fridge – that red bell pepper that you never grilled, the edamame that you had big plans for, cube whatever cheese you have on-hand, throw in some almonds or even get fancy and toast up some pine nuts, toss in some canned black beans. It’s a great way not to waste food and also get a variety of nutrients. I think us busy mamas tend to have the same “go to” quick meal (like a quick quesadilla) but varied diets are the best!

  21. I love the BLT bowl idea 🙂 Thanks for this series, Becky! My meal ideas are boring, but one thing I’ve learned these past couple weeks with three babies under 2 in the house is start meal prep early when all the babies are in good moods. Then lunch isn’t so overwhelming. It sounds obvious, but I can so easily get caught up in the sweet giggles. Thanks again!

  22. I always have greens and eggs of some sort laying around. I will sauté some greens and cook an egg over easy. Throw in some goat cheese,maybe nuts, maybe fruit, whatever I have lying around. Works for any meal. When it is warm I have ingredients for smoothies set away for the week in plastic soup containers. In the winter it is oatmeal. Having a healthy option 5 minutes away makes it easier to not go after my stash of chocolate.

  23. Best tip for quick, easy meals as a mom? Plan ahead! Grocery shop with a meal plan in mind, buy read-to-eat items, and prepare recipes at the beginning of the week to enjoy all week long. There’s nothing worse than being starving, having a tiny window to eat, and realizing the fridge is empty.

    • I could eat hummus endlessly too… then I discovered muhammara, another middle eastern spread that I’m now addicted to! Try it if you haven’t already!

  24. I may not be a new mom, but there was a time when I was married and working 4 jobs. I wanted quick meals that tasted good but weren’t convenience food. I realized that prep took up most of my time, so when I had a free moment I would do things like braise and freeze veggies into portion size bags, grill and chop chicken and do the same thing. Then all I had to do to make a quick meal in between jobs was boil pasta and reheat the veggies and chicken, toss everything together and I had a good meal in 10 minutes. I also always had nuts on hand, adding nuts to salads, hot sandwiches, and pasta.

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