Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake

Written by Becky

There’s so much of Utah I have yet to explore.  I’ve lived here for over 10 years, and this past weekend was my first trip up to Bear Lake.  We stayed at this fairytale like ranch called Conestoga Ranch, where camping basically becomes a luxurious event instead of sacrificial roughing it.  We all slept like babies, even with a very wiggly baby in my belly, and we were able to thoroughly enjoy the lake the following day.  No neck aches, or sleeplessness that are often associated with camping, just glorious enjoyment, which was so needed for our little family.

Bear Lake Utah

As we approached the lake I had one of those moments where I was so struck by it’s beauty that I wanted to quickly pull the car over and get capture it all in a photo, but like many of those times, some things just can’t be communicated unless you experience them first hand.  Our whole weekend was quite dreamy like this. Everett couldn’t get over the fact that we were going to sleep in a wagon.  Actually, he’s still telling people about it.

Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

We walked along the edge of the beach dipping our feet into the perfectly cool water and we ate tall creamy raspberry shakes to our hearts content.

Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

We are coming out of such a season of hardship that this sweet weekend was such a gift to us. Conestoga Ranch couldn’t have been more fun and the lake couldn’t have possibly been more blue.

Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

While we stayed at the ranch we took full advantage of the amenities – having a leisurely breakfast at their restaurant, enjoying their legitimate cowboy music by the fire with smores of course, and lounging in our comfortable glamping-style accommodations.

Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

We also took full advantage of the natural amenities – the cool, clear water on a hot day, exploring around the beach, picking up tiny seashells, and building small donut-like castles in the sand.

Bear Lake Utah

Our little gift of a trip was over too soon and now we look forward to returning back to this little haven only a few hours away from our city. Comment below with your favorite camping spot or memory and be entered to win $25 gift card to the Campfire Grill Restaurant at Conestoga Ranch.  Winner will be announced Monday. Winner is Laura of Joy Food Sunshine!

Here are a few more shots of our joyous little getaway.

Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

Bear Lake Utah

Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake • #travel #travelUtah #conestogaranch #bearlakeConestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utahConestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utahConestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah Conestoga Ranch Glamping at Bear Lake • #bearlake #glamping #travelutah #utah

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  1. Bear Lake has easily become one of my favorite places! Having first visited 2 years ago, I was almost upset that I hadn’t been told about it before!! Can’t wait to get back!

  2. We have been in Utah for over 6 years now and I feel like we haven’t even touched the surface of everything there is to explore! And we are definitely hoping to get to Bear Lake this summer. This is great info!

  3. Every summer growing up, my family would drive from TX to camp in the CO mountains, specifically Marvine Campground. We fished for our dinner and played lots of card games in the evening. Some of my best memories growing up. I looked forward to the cool air and sound of the river near our campsite. Bear Lake and Conestoga Ranch looks amazing!

  4. We visited last year and loved it! The wagons are not tents and the bedding is wonderful (cotton & down comforters) The towels and bathrooms were plentiful, very clean, and roomy AND PRIVATE- not like a pool dressing/shower room. And the food- it was some of the best I’ve had anywhere, including NYC. And prices were reasonable. The first night they had a buy one get one on pizzas. Needless to say we ate at open air “chuck wagon” and thus we had so much food left we gave it to the attendant at the fish fossil quarry (and hour away in Kemmerer, WY) Both the fossil digging and Conestoga Ranch were addicting!

  5. Love your blog – just moved to SLC a year ago and look to it for restaurant recs. Been dying to get up to Bear Lake and try one of those raspberry shakes!!!

    • Kasey, glad you found my site. Hope you also checked out my other blog – It’s not as up to date but has lots of back logs on where to eat. Glad you’re enjoying the city!!

  6. My favorite camping memory is taking my son on his first camping trip. He had just started crawling and was all over the place. He had his first s’mores and loved visiting the lake, incidentally it was at bear lake!

    • What a sweet memory! My little guy won’t stop talking about sleeping in a wagon… he thought that was just about the coolest thing ever!! So did I 😉

  7. I have never been to Bear Lake before, though thanks to the lovely photos in the post I want to go now more than ever! Staying at the Conestoga Ranch would be a great way to visit the Lake for the first time. .

    • You’re so right – it’s a perfect way to visit a place for the first time! Next time I’ll come more prepared and maybe we’ll stay a few more nights, camping some and ‘glamping’ the others!

  8. Thanks for the first hand look at Conestoga. We were debating about going but will be for sure now. Love that you don’t have to pack all the sleeping bags and tent:)

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