Chicken and Asparagus Gratin Recipe |

Chicken and Asparagus Gratin

Written by Becky

I found a little treasure of a cookbook at a vintage shop the other day. It’s perfectly organized by season and month giving ideas

for every meal of the day. I found this recipe for Chicken and Asparagus Gratin for the month of April and bookmarked it, awaiting the arrival of fresh asparagus.

Chicken and Asparagus Gratin Recipe |

Its funny how for many years home cooks in America have steered away from seasonal eating. Now it’s coming back more as a trend than anything but I like to return to the ways of our grandparents and great grandparents, in how they ate simply what was available. Though we have access to pretty much any fruit or vegetable we could possibly imagine these days, the ones that are in season taste the best and because they’re fresh they’re better for you (no long commute that steals their nutrients).

Chicken and Asparagus Gratin Recipe |

So, it’s asparagus season and we’re taking full advantage! I made this Chicken and Asparagus Gratin Recipe for Betty Crocker’s website but I’m sure I’ll be making it again. Head over to for the recipe.

Here are a few other asparagus recipes to check out:

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  1. Vintage cookbooks are such great finds. I have to laugh at a lot of them b/c of the wording and ingredients. So many from the 60s and 70s call for can after can of cream of something soup! Great recipe!

  2. I love old cookbooks! What a great find, this looks wonderful. I can’t believe how far we have veered away from seasonal eating, but I’m glad for the people who are getting back to it. Love the Seasonal Eating series, too!

    • Megan, I emailed you a while back to join the group of seasonal eaters/bloggers and would love for you to be a part of it if you would like to. Just let me know and I’mm email you again. Hope you are doing well. And it’s fun to hear that you share my love for old cookbooks!

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