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Written by Becky

Congratulations to Derek Kitchen and Linda Conner for winning a bag of Charming Beard.

We’re excited to announce a new product coming out of Salt Lake City, Charming Beard Coffee.

I have a fun announcement for you!!  My husband and I have joined a couple others in starting a coffee roasting business here in Salt Lake City! Currently we are roasting single origin coffee beans from two locations: Nicaragua and Uganda. There are a lot of great local roasters here in our city, but we haven’t quite made it into the third wave around here.  What’s the third wave?  Charming Beard’s roaster, Levi, wrote down a brief explanation for you here.  Salt Lake City is unapologetically behind the trends coming from the coasts, so perhaps we’re a little late to the table with this, but it’s worth the wait.  Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Handsome and more have been doing this for a while, but Charming Beard is the first of its kind around Salt Lake.

Charming Beard Coffee

To celebrate the launch of our new coffee business, we’re giving away a free bag to two lucky winners.  All you have to do is ‘like’ Charming Beard on Facebook and leave a comment on this post with your current favorite coffee.

Charming Beard is also offering a holiday package with another local favorite, Amour Spreads, and everyone’s favorite, Weck Jars.  Get it here.

Charming Beard Coffee


Comments (19)

  1. We like millstone columbian supremo ground coffee the best. We use ground coffee but do have a grinder and we do use the cappucunio machine on occasion. We have recently tried the single serving (Kuerig) cups but found them too expensive as we do drink alot of coffee each day.

  2. I just found out my husband drank coffee at work. (We don’t at home). Now that he’s unable to work anymore, he’s asking me for a coffee maker. So this is a new adventure for us. It should be interesting, especially since I only love the smell of fresh brewing coffee and he actually drinks it.

  3. i like your page on fb (my name is Realia Mazing) and my favorite coffee is green mountain hazelnut, but i love trying new flavors!

  4. Congrats on this new business! I am excited for SLC to hit the “third wave”. 🙂
    I love Cafe Ibis and stock up every time I’m in Logan. Right now I’m drinking their Espresso Roast.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m definitely going to be buying Charming Beard next.

  5. My hubby is in charge of picking the coffee, so I drink whatever he’s brewing. He loved Cafe Ibis when we lived in Logan so he’ll be excited to hear about Charming Beard!

  6. Sounds delicious!! I would love to get to try Charming Beard. 🙂
    I’ve really enjoyed Kauai Coffee, and we are currently drinking Kicking Horse’s Kick Ass Coffee.

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