Cannon Beach Pizza a'fetta

Cannon Beach: Beach-town Pizza and Tillamook Ice Cream

Written by Becky

We arrived at our Cannon Beach to find the whole town basically shut down. There wasn’t a person on the streets and ‘closed for the day’ signs were up in every store window. We drove to our beach hotel to check in and walked into the candle lit lobby, which gave us a big hint into what was going on. The front desk clerk explained to us that the electricity of whole town was currently down due to strong winds. We walked to our cozy cabin and lit a fire in the fireplace to stay warm for a bit. After a couple of hours the power came on and a few restaurants opened up, so we walked down the main drag for a couple slices of pizza from a popular pizza joint in town, Pizza a’fetta. The pizza was delicious I might add, perfectly cooked thin crust with a good amount of sauce and fresh toppings. On our walk back to our little cabin we picked up the Tillamook ice cream we’d promised ourselves. We found Marionberry Pie flavor ice cream at the local market, which we’d heard was the best flavor. This was the beginning of my addiction to Marion berry on this trip. We headed in for the night to eat ice cream, watch movies and cozy up by the fire.
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  1. We were along the coast several years ago and went to the Tillamook factory and I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich of my life! I had forgotten about their ice cream, thanks for the reminder.

    Hope all is going well for you and yours.

  2. My best friend took her family to Oregon last summer and did the cheese tour at Tillamook. She said it was awesome. I don't remember her mentioning ice cream… sounds so delicious.