You must visit the produce markets in Paris to see the array of beautiful fresh produce.

Best Grocery Stores and Food Markets in Paris

Written by Becky

Paris has some of the best grocery stores, food markets, produce stands, farmers markets, and food halls! You simply must walk through one when visiting this city that loves food and loves to eat.

Paris has the most beautiful produce!

Since we were visiting Paris for longer than a week, we knew we wanted to figure out how to eat in for a few lots of our meals.  We loved finding our favorite grocery stores and food markets nearby our flat. We would buy produce daily for a fresh meal and we would stop by a new market at least once a week just to peruse and pick up a thing or two that we hadn’t tried before.

When in Paris you must visit one of the local food markets!

There is so much wonderful seafood at the food markets in Paris!

Best Food Markets in Paris:

Best Paris grocery stores and markets for fresh and organic foods.

Best GROCERIES stores in Paris :

  • Bio c’ Bon – a great grocer for fresh and organic produce
  • Naturalia – another grocery store that specializes in organic foods and produce
  • Monoprix – this is like France’s version of Super Target.  Their bigger stores have everything you could need (clothes to food).
  • Marks and Spencer Food – specialty grocery store you must check out in Paris, look for their own brands
  • Terroirs d’Avenir (on Rue du Nil street)-  as mentioned before, this is a side street of the 2nd arrondissement with 5-8 amazing food shops (cheese, produce, meat, seafood, coffee, bread, and pastries).  Technically, it’s not a grocery store but you can get everything you need on this street. It was literally my paradise and I felt so lucky that we were living right around the corner especially since we were eating in for so many dinners.

I want to eat ALL the cheese in Paris!

A few tips for shopping for food in Paris:

  • •. I loved picking up the sample boxes of cheese that you can find in a few cheese stalls on Rue Montorgueil. This is a great way to try several cheeses without having to buy them individually or guess which ones to buy. They make a great small cheese plate for a family of four.
  • •. Think simple when buying groceries: cheese, meat, produce, and you can’t go wrong.  If you get overwhelmed ask what’s in season or ask if you can sample anything.
  • •. When visiting the open-air food markets try buying something you can snack on like fresh seasonal fruit.
  • •. We loved buying pre-made crepes from some of the grocery stores. It was a fun French meal, yet simple and easy to prepare.  We filled them with Nutella or ham and cheese.
  • •  It’s hard enough eating healthy when you’re traveling and eating out a lot.  Both of my kids love beets and broccoli so whenever I went to the store I’d always bring those home so I knew we’d get in a few nutrients.

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