Here are the best Children's Clothing Shops in Paris

Best Children’s Shops in Paris

Written by Becky

Finding the best children’s shops in Paris can be overwhelming, as is shopping for yourself.  There are countless baby clothing shops, women’s apparel stores, toy stores and home goods stores in Paris. And prices vary too, from designer prices to outlet value.  So, where do you even start?  We’ll here’s my short list of favorites from our time in Paris.

Here are a few of the best baby and children shops in Paris

Before I get into the nitty gritty of shopping for kids in Paris I’ll let you in on a few tips.  There are MEGA SALES after Christmas in Paris.  We just so happened to be traveling around New Years so we hit the jackpot with clearance items.  Luckily, Paris was our first stop in our 3 month trip so I saved some room in our bags for a few new things. Also, instead of buying exactly what the kids needed for the trip, I thought it would be more fun to just shop for them once we got to Paris  (things like scarves, hats, and sweaters). Besides the necessities, I got a few items I knew the kids would love and wear a lot.  Many of these shops make high quality clothing so I knew they would last way beyond our trip.  Okay, so my full disclosure is out there… I didn’t actually bring home several bags of new clothes for my kids but we did a ton of “window shopping” and brought home a few favorites.  Another disclosure.. I didn’t hit up the main busy shopping streets or malls but found myself enjoying more off the grid spots.  Here are some of the little gems we found during our adventures.

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I felt like I couldn’t leave Paris without a few articles of French clothing to tote along with us to our next destination.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Best Children’s Clothing Shops in Paris

  • Louis Louise – classic designer boutique for baby and kid clothing
  • Bonton – charming concept store for kids and babies (clothes, shoes, decor and even in-store hair dresser)
  • Pom D’Api – French-made leather shoes and sandals
  • Smallable – great for design elements for children’s room decor and older children’s clothes
  • Bonpoint – okay so this one was more for my eyes than my wallet but entertaining none the less, they have some beautiful items!
  • Zara – sure Zara is everywhere now but Paris has a huge outlet type sale store that is a must if you’re visiting Paris. (their clearance store is in the Samaritaine building on 15 rue du Pont Neuf)
  • Le Petit Souk – a fun little shop with party supplies, clothes and the best random items.

Here are some of the best best baby and kid clothing shops in Paris.

My littlest was 17 months at the time of our travels so hardly a baby but that didn’t keep me from looking at the baby stores.  These Baby Stores in Paris are amazing, so inspiring and perfect for gifts.

Best Baby Clothing Shops in Paris:

  • Womb – amazing baby shop with all things baby from nursery decor to toys and designer clothing
  • Natalys – baby and toddler clothing
  • Numae – neutral colored and simple French clothing for baby and toddler sizes

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We literally spent hours in little toy shops around the city.  There are so many and they are magical in and of themselves. Since we traveled in the winter, it was cold and wintery on many days during our time here so toy shops were a perfect spot to warm up and be entertained for a short bit. Here’s our favorite of them all:

Best Toy Shops in Paris:

I never go to Paris without visiting E Dehillerin

I took an afternoon or two to shop around for myself.  I bought a new skirt and then jotted down some brands to remember so I could pursue them more online but there’s really nothing like shopping in person in Paris. Of course, I made it to a few kitchen stores as well.

Best Women’s Clothing and Home Shops in Paris  (shops for mom):

  • E Dahillerin  – kitchenware store
  • Kiliwatch – used vintage and new designer clothing
  • Hartford – classic French designer clothing for women and men
  • Merci – home goods concept store + women’s clothing + cafe (a fun and casual lunch spot for breakfast or lunch).  This is a MUST if you’re in Paris!

Merci is a must visit in Paris for Home decor and women's clothing. You'll spend hours just inspired by their designs.

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