Best Blog Posts of 2011

Written by Becky

To help ring in the new year, I thought I would take some time to reflect back on the past year and share with you some of my favorite blog posts and memories of 2011.  I would love to hear the highlights of your year as well so please leave comment and share them with me!

December calls for decadence, so I created a new version of an online favorite: the Pioneer Woman’s Maple Cinnamon Rolls with Bacon. Ooey gooey deliciousness with crispy bacon… there’s no better way to bring on the holidays really!

In November, although I consumed an embarrassing amount of delicious pies, I must say my favorite post was for a healthy side dish, Roasted Grape and Walnut Rice Pilaf.  If you haven’t tried roasted grapes yet, you must, and this recipe is a great match for them.

October also held many decadent recipes like these pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and a pumpkin spice cake (that was almost a complete disaster), but my very favorite post was about a local Indian Food Restaurant called, Ali Baba.  Perhaps I was taken by the sweet owner and his hospitality but I can’t get this little restaurant and it’s flavors out of my mind.

In September, I made the most delicious Chicken and Peach Curry dish, that was a copy-cat recipe from a restaurant in Vail Colorado.  The dish now reminds me of our trip to Vail and my cousin’s beautiful wedding that we attended there.

August brings back memories of learning more about coffee and raw foods. I also can’t forget my friend Maria’s baby shower and the Mint Chocolate Pudding Dessert Shots that we all enjoyed at the celebration.

July, my birthday month, brings back images of farmers market salads and fresh potato soup. During that month we did a lot of celebrating including having a food blogger party at Vinto and a online celebration for my 500th blog post.  But my best post of the month was a recap of our river rafting trip on the Rogue River in Oregon.  It brings back some wild memories as well as some delicious ones. Not only did we overcome a near-death experience, we also learned how to make eggs benedict at a camp site.

In June we held our first tasting and started the tradition of bringing the online community offline to enjoy being around a table together.

May consistently provides rainy weather and an excuse to stay inside for a warm bowl of soup.  We had the pleasure of making a full Sicilian meal with our friend visiting from Italy, and we made the most delicious Fisherman Stew that I could ever imagine.

April was filled with journals from our adventure traveling in China to visit my sister.  I love recalling the unfamiliar smells, the new and unusual foods like lotus root, and the crazy journey traveling by bus to Dali.

In March, I took a magical snow cat skiing trip at Powder Mountain, and whisked along fairy-tale like woods in the purest snow you’ve ever seen.  I also made these magical cookies, a copy-cat recipe of Ruby Snap Bakery, the Frida Cookie, a rich Mexican chocolate cookie with a chocolate mole center, sinfully delicious!

February will be remembered by chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Flourless Gingersnap Chocolate Cake, Raw Chocolate Truffles, and my favorite chocolates around Salt Lake.  I guess February is the month of love so chocolate was fitting.

And if February was the month for Chocolate, January was the month for blondies. Not the cute gals with lightly colored hair but the chocolate-less brownies that I adore so much. I made several types including my favorite Ginger White Chocolate Blondies, and Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies.  In addition to eating of lots rich blondies, we took a lovely day trip to the dreamy little town of Midway, a Swiss community just outside of Park City.

When I think of 2011 I’ll remember traveling to a very foreign land, enjoying our lively puppy, and digging in deeper into our community here in Salt Lake.  I’m grateful for every moment.

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  1. A lovely recap and look back at the year, what a fun filled one it was for you! I am so glad we got to share some fun moments together, here's to many more!

    much love, xo

  2. Such a lovely best of feature. You truly had a delicious year. There are so many recipes I need to try of yours.

    I will say, I loved the roasted grape and wild rice dish. Also…dying to try Ali Baba!

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