Bakerella Inspired Christmas Cake Pops

Written by Becky
Motivated by Bakerella’s recent book signing at the Salt Lake Williams Sonoma, some girl friends and I set a date to team up for a day of baking.  We were on a mission to make beautiful cake pops and cake balls.  I have made these before but they didn’t exactly turn out beautiful.  Tasty yes, but beautiful not quite.  My one piece of advice for you while making beautiful cake bites, bake with friends.
photos and design by by Becky, Maria, and myself

We created snowmen, Christmas lights, ornaments and beautiful truffles all with six hands instead of two.    One person delicately placing the carrot nose on the small snowman, while the other tapped off the extra candy coating and the other sticking in sprinkles for arms.  Bakerella herself gives tons of helpful tips in her book and on her blog, but I must add my one addition, team work!  Plus its much more fun spending several hours in the kitchen with friends than alone. 
And set aside time to make these cute little cakes, because they don’t just take a couple hours.  Try four hours or maybe five if you chat a lot, and we do!
Basically start with a baked cake (you can totally use a box cake mix for this) and mix the pre-baked cake with 3/4 can of store bought icing.  (We used chocolate with chocolate icing and red velvet with cream cheese icing).  Form cake into balls, then freeze for 20 minutes or so.  Use candy coating for the exterior then decorate as you like!
Here are some helpful links for you:
Also, you should check out Maria and Becky’s beautiful posts on our afternoon baking adventure. Thanks for a lovely afternoon ladies,  Its great to find others who enjoy spending hours in the kitchen.  
I encourage you to find a team and make something lovely this Christmas season!  What will you make?!!
photos from the Cake Pop Book Signing:

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  1. YAY! It was so fun making cake pops with you! The ornaments and snowmen are super cute! I can't wait until we meet up again in the kitchen:)

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