baby gender reveal

Baby Gender Reveal in a Special Pastry

Written by Becky

What a better way for us to find out the precious gender of our coming baby than to have it revealed through our favorite flakey pastry from Les Madeleines Bakery. Josh slipped the envelope that the kind nurse gave us at our doctors appointment to Romina at Les Madeleines for her to create something tasty for us.

baby gender reveal

We had decided previously that we didn’t want to just find out at the hospital in a room with people we didn’t know but instead to find out together, just the two of us, over my favorite meal, breakfast. So that’s exactly what we did. Josh brewed a some hot coffee (Charming Beard of course) and sitting at our breakfast table where the two of us enjoy our weekly Friday morning breakfasts, we slowly opened the white pastry box to find out if we would be having a boy or a girl.We unlatched the box and unlocked the big secret… with blueberry jam showing out of the center of the Kouing Aman pastry it was clear, we are having a boy!!

baby gender reveal

Thanks for sharing in this special news with us! And a special thanks to Romina at Les Madeleines for helping make our surprise so special! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. I love the way you celebrated this special moment! And congratulations again; I am hoping I can have a shower for you at my new house, but we’ll have to see how soon I can get moved in (Mid March at the earliest!)

  2. Well, I am crying because of the sweet way you guys got the news! As you know, boys are special to me since I had three.

  3. Congrats, Becky! You are going to be the sweetest mother around. (And not just because your lucky boy will get to each tasty treats like Kouing Amans!)

  4. I want to say something profound but all I keep thinking is “YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!” – you know, like an ongoing chant in my head. Parenting is one wild ride but you are going to love it and you are going to be such an incredible Mama (Josh will make an amazing Daddy!). Congrats to one of the loveliest women I know!

  5. HOORAY!!! another little charming beard to come into the world 🙂 such wonderful news. We are both so very happy for you both! CONGRATULATIONS with all our love!

  6. YAY BECKY!! I’m so happy for you guys! And what a fun way to find out! Hopefully our little baby boys can meet someday. Hope all is well and that you are feeling great!


  7. Awwww!! Congrats!!! How exciting for you guys! Thenk you for sharing this news with us. You guys are amazing! Your baby boy is going to be so blessed AND such a blessing!!

  8. 2013 will bring you lots of blessings, obviously! Congratulations and what a special way to find out. This will be the first of many special memories you all will be making.

  9. What a sweet way to find out. I wish our pregnancies went diffferently so we could do fun stuff like that. Plus, that’s hands down one of my favorite pastries ever!

  10. Oh Congratulations! What an exciting time – and exciting way to find out!! I can hardly think of a better treat to break the news than kouing aman too! Hope pregnancy is treating you kindly and you’re feeling well!!

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