Pregnancy Photos

9 Month Pregnancy Photos

Written by Becky

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying our best to document this sweet time.  Josh has taken a several photos of my growing belly along the way but we also wanted a few images of the current family status – Henry included of course.  Our friend Cole, shot photos of us just around the house doing what we love most –  cooking and spending time with Henry. Now we just await our little guy’s arrival!

More pictures of the nursery to come!!

Pregnancy Photos

I have truly enjoyed being pregnant!  Unexpectedly so, even.  I just had no idea what a miracle it would be to experience and even be a part of God’s creating work.  Here are just a few treasured moments and memories of my pregnancy:

falling asleep with my hands on my belly, just waiting for a kick or squirm

feeling Everett move for the first time as we were walking to a waffles shop one day

seeing his little sweet face on a ultrasound

hearing other mothers light up as they talk about the journey of motherhood

feeling surrounded by the love of good friends at baby showers and special lunch dates

picking out tiny baby clothes and picturing our little guy in them

taking way too long to figure out how to install a car seat

being ravenously hungry

creating protein filled meals to help the baby grow strong

watching Josh get more protective over me and our little growing family

laughing so hard I worried I was overly shaking the baby

taking naps with Henry resting his head on my belly

enjoying home cooked meals made by Josh

trying to read by resting a book on my belly but then getting distracted because the baby was moving so much I ended up just watching him

growing closer to my loving husband as we enter into a whole new stage of life together

Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Photos


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  1. These are beautiful photos, Becky – YOU are gorgeous. Love how Henry is looking up at you guys in the nursery photo. So lovely. Cannot wait to meet baby Everett (love the name!)! xoxo

  2. Amazing photos! I wish I could have seen you in person but the pictures help me know this little guy has precious parents and will be well loved!

  3. You will cherish these photos as Everett grows up. It’s a special time for couples awaiting the arrival of the first baby. So fun! Thanks for sharing these, Becky.

    • I’ve heard from several people that kids like to see photos of their mom’s when they were pregnant with them – that’s what motivated me to take the photos. It is such a sweet time for us too!

  4. Praying for you and Josh and sweet little Everett as he makes his debut! I am so incredibly excited for you two. I only wish we lived closer to experience your joy with you!! You guys will be wonderful parents, no doubt! My best advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Love to you guys!!

  5. These photos and your words are so beautiful. The last weeks of pregnancy are such a special time–I wish I had some photos like these. I hope you have a wonderful birth and many blessings upon your family.

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