Work With Me

Though we have our ideas on how partnerships might look with Vintage Mixer, we’re open to any suggestions you might have.


Recipe Development
Hire Becky to develop a recipe using your product where she’ll promote it through all Vintage Mixer outlets.

Video of making the recipe developed by Vintage Mixer 
Good video strengthens your brand and increases its awareness. Let us make a video of Becky preparing the recipe she’s created with your product. Put the video on your website, Facebook page or anywhere else your fans come to engage with your brand. We will post it for our audience as well.

Photography & Styling
Do you need better photos for your website or other promotional materials? Becky has almost four years of experience with food photography and styling. Hire her to make your food look as good as it tastes.

Advertising on 
Grow your brand by putting your name in front of our audience.

Menu Consulting 
Does your menu need some new life? Does it feel a little outdated? Have you hit a road block in coming up with something new? Hire Vintage Mixer to analyze your menu and provide you with new, fresh ideas that understand the current food culture, desires and demands.

If you have a product that fits well with the Vintage Mixer demographic then we’d love to a give one away on It could be anything from the salami you sell to a night out at your hotel or restaurant. We’ve found this to be a great means of increasing brand awareness.

Are you releasing a new product or do you just want to generate some buzz about an already existing product? Invite Vintage Mixer to share the experience with you. If we think your product is a good fit for our demographic, we will share the experience with all of her followers via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Contact for more information.