Will Travel for Food

Written by Becky
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I travel for lots of reasons.  For one, my husband’s music gives him opportunity to travel around the U.S. for concerts, retreats, and fundraisers.  And simply put, I just enjoy being with him, so I come along.  I have an adventurous spirit, just ask Josh (he can’t keep up with me most of the time) so exploring a new city gets me almost giddy.  Another reason I especially like to travel, I enjoy learning about new cities, the local culture, and meeting new people.  Hearing people’s stories and learning from them, gaining inspiration from some and being the person to encourage another.  For all of these reasons, I travel.

On another note, I get a strange thrill to try new foods, new restaurants, new flavors.  An additional reason to travel.

Fresh Cinnamon Roll from Nuvrei Bakery, served at Stumptown in the Ace Hotel Portland

On this little seemingly unimportant blog, I record some of our travels.  The people we meet, friends we visit, and new foods we try.

Here are some cities that I’ve updated recently that I would love to share with you.  Also, you can check out my full travel list here.

Gig Harbor

Full list of cities I’ve posted about

What cities do you enjoy traveling to?

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  1. That looks like a delicious cinnamon bun! I often feel like our vacations are mapped out by where our next meal will be!

  2. anytime you would like to travel my way for food I would love to accompany you on a new adventure.

    and you can't help but be an encouragement and inspiration to everyone you meet, you're wonderful.

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