Where am I?

Written by Becky

I asked myself this question a few times since entering the great city of Lubbock, Texas, where I was so fortunate to grow up. After 18 hours of driving through the most desolate areas of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas we arrived in Lubbock, a city that was once more familiar than it is now. The first night Josh played a concert in the backyard of a local company’s office building, which turned out to be a little oasis for their employees. It felt a bit strange to be in West Texas but surrounded by trees, waterfalls and tiki torches. That is one of the qualities of Lubbock that I’ve come to enjoy, like the fact that their college campus has fountains but hardly turns them on because the wind blows so hard that the water ends up spraying all over the students. Hey, you have to give them credit for trying to improve the landscape around here.
West Texas Oasis:

We’ve also seem many beautiful homes, one of while I will explain in more detail later. We’ve eaten at several fabulous restaurants including Gardski’s, an all-time favorite of mine. It’s located downtown near the University on a cobblestone street in a historic old home. They serve Southern Favorites like fried okra and chicken fried steak as well as some healthy options. I could resist and ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich, which Gardski’s is very well known for. It is served sprinkled with powdered sugar with a side of raspberry jam and fried to perfection with melted cheese, turkey and ham inside. I don’t eat fried foods often but when I do I make sure its well worth the calories!
The Monte Cristo at Gardski’s

On Sunday we visited a new church in Lubbock called Redeemer. It’s an Acts 29 church and just began a few months ago here with efforts to really deepen the faith of many west Texas Christians here. Funny story, it was communion Sunday at this church and after taking communion we returned to our seats (on the front row) and continued to sing along with the band. I noticed Josh on stage motioning to me to look around after a few seconds of confusion I looked around and found that we were the only people (church of over 500) still standing!! Completely mortified by our stupidity, I also felt a sense of pride that we had created for ourselves the perfect embarrassing moment that would be forever relived. Several friends and people we didn’t know mentioned the fact that they noticed that we were the only one standing and wondered why we hadn’t sat down. We explained that in Utah people always take communion while standing. Of course!

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  1. Mom said the Betenbough place was really nice, but the pics you took are really amazing! Wow. And Gardskis. Sigh. Well, we will be there soon enough. 🙂 Love you!

  2. hahaha I love reading about all of the fun things you have eaten and done!
    I also heard about your made-up 10K.
    I LOVE the church story, too.

    Gosh! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to hang out with you soon!

    Keep the blogs comin! :]

  3. 1. I’ve never seen that oasis! man i missed out on that one!
    2. i love Gardski’s and the famous Monte Cristo! I’m so glad you love it too!
    3. fyi- i take communion laying down. which is really awkward for people trying to get passed me on their way to the front.
    4. lastly, sorry i didn’t make the first annual Ransom Canyon 10k. yes first annual, there will be another!

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