Vintage Cocktail Party

Written by Becky
A few gals and I got together for vintage cocktails and lunch, something that we’d been talking about doing for a while but finally made happen.  It was a fabulous party that I intend to replicate again and again. There’s not much better than a good cocktail and chatting it up with new and old friends.  I imagine this is something that has been happening since ‘vintage’ was current.  I imagine a similar setting of women in the kitchen still wearing their aprons, talking about the men in their life or family gossip over a dish made with gelatin or a dessert made with shortening.  We do the same thing now, maybe the food has changed, hopefully for the better, and the clothes are now more comfortable.
As we sat around our casseroles made in pyrex sipping on spiked punch, we talked about the meals our mom’s used to make us, the excessive use of cream soups and jello molds, and how women used to think  ketchup or a good dose of mayo could solve the problems of any dish.  It was humerous how much we had in common, yet the variety of backgrounds we had.
Tiffany said she read somewhere that ladies used to sit around the punch bowl chatting until there was no punch left. And we almost accomplished that on this occasion.  I love the idea of enjoying the company of friends over a good drink, with excessive amounts of laughter along with a generous amount of ‘spike’ accompanying the punch.
For our vintage party, we shared creamy scalloped potatoes, a fruit and wine gelatin, old fashioned banana pudding, deviled eggs, and a cocktail with the very appropriate name, Whiskey Daisy.  It was a fun afternoon and I almost can’t wait to find another excuse for a vintage party.

Whiskey Daisy Cocktails

adapted from several recipes by Aimee at Flitryss

Galliano Liqueur
Jim Beam whiskey
Simple Syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1 Tb honey, 1 tsp vanilla)
Club Soda

Pour three small “Glugs” of the Galliano into a glass… It will be just shy of an inch deep. Add three spoonfulls of the simple syrup. Pour whiskey in to a count of four (You choose the speed at which you count!) then top with club soda, add some ice, squeeze a lemon wedge, drink, repeat.

Check out the blogs of the lovely ladies who joined me.
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  1. that afternoon was a joy! i love you three ladies so much and this was a sweet post. thanks for being one of my truest friends!

  2. You ladies are awesome. This looks like such a fun get together. And I love the wine saying on the wall. Makes me laugh and smile. Lovely and fun.

  3. You ladies are awesome. This looks like such a fun get together. And I love the wine saying on the wall. Makes me laugh and smile. Lovely and fun.

  4. A vintage theme of fun and sharing sounds great. It just made me wonder when I took part in anything remotely close to that?
    We mostly get together in public places…seems to be a little easier that way. Personally, I'd love to get back to home parties the way you just did ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  5. The Whisky Daisy sounds great, nothing like a nice simple whisky based cocktail, very refreshing! Looks like you had a great time that day!

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