The rain calls for soup and storytelling.

Written by Becky

This weekend we enjoyed a rainy day in Utah. It rarely rains here- usually just sunny or snowy. I love the rain and miss the dramatic lightning and thunder of Oklahoma from my college years. If we get rain at all here we even more rarely get thunder and lightning. This Saturday we enjoyed the rain and spent the day inside preparing ourselves for the biggest game football of the season, underrated and passion filled Texas Tech vs. the #1 ranked University of Texas. Josh could hardly contain himself. I don’t think his phone stopped ringing all day with lots of calls from old Texas friends. We enjoyed every minute of the intense game and were thrilled to know that our home town team accomplished such a victory.

As we enjoyed the rain we were also preparing ourselves for the snow. Tomorrow we are supposed to have snow and then intermittently throughout this month. Winter is beginning. But the good news is- with the winter comes Josh’s new CD!! Narratives, the new Christmas CD is finally for sale. This Sunday was the first time Josh introduced the new songs and sold CDs. I’ve found myself describing the album as an unconventional Christmas CD with songs telling stories of Christmas time. From John Denver’s legendary Christmas for Cowboys to the more traditional hymn, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, the new tunes will be sure to get you into a contemplative mood. Josh is great at expressing a story in his music and what a fun idea to have stories of the holidays. You’ll find stories of reconciliation, family, and serenity as well as images of home, the Texas plains, and forgiveness. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I do!
The cover art is my absolute favorite yet. Kevin Keller, a good friend of ours created the design. He has a great talent for designing in a symbolic nature. The design is just as unconventional for a Christmas album as the music inside. Throughout much of Josh’s music you discover his personality of being that of an open book, uncovering stories and personal discoveries of a private nature to a very public audience. His honest persona is well maintained in Narratives. Pick it up on itunes or get into the Holiday mood by coming to one of the Christmas concerts. For a list of concerts or more information regarding Josh’s music click here.

I’ll leave you with a great rainy day soup recipe that we made this weekend and some photos of our home in the rain.

Green Minestrone
adapted from Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, Super Natural Cooking

2 shallots, thinly sliced
1 garlic clove, minced
2 TB olive oil
3/4 cup of brown basmati rice
6 cups vegetable broth
8-10 asparagus stalks
1 cup sugar snap peas
3/4 cup of frozen green peas
handful of fresh spinach
Parmesian Cheese

Heat olive oil over medium head in a large soup pot. Add garlic and shallots and cook until soft (1-2 min). Add brown rice and brown the rice for about 2 min, stirring occasionaly to avoid burning. Add veg broth and cook for 30-40 mintues or until rice is tender. Add vegetables and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add spinach in at the last minute. Serve immediately so that the vegetables are still a crisp. Top with parmesian cheese. I served this with fruit and a slice of toasted wheat bread. Perfect for a rainy day lunch or dinner.

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