The Ozark Mountains in backwoods Arkansas

Written by Becky

This was my first trip to Arkansas and although it did live up to its strange backwoods-y-ness what you don’t hear much is how beautiful the forrest is there. We drove from Little Rock to Mountain Home, 4 hrs North, and enjoyed beautiful rolling hills, green pastures, lots of grazing cows, and lush green trees the whole drive. The towns are sparse and very small but if I lived in Arkansas I wouldn’t want to live in a town either. I would imagine people take advantage of the landscape and live on a large plot of land at a good distance away from any neighbors. What we did see along the roadside: lots of flee market type antique stores, front yards filled with tractors boats and other random items, and the occasional road kill. Josh played at a camp near Mountain Home, AR, and it was a beautiful camp with huge log cabins with the Buffalo River running through the middle of the property. There was also this beautiful bridge at the camp that was all lit up at night. I captured a few pictures of it below.

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  1. Dear Arkansas,
    I'm glad you were pretty, but please stop slowing Josh & Becky down from coming to see us!
    Love, Allison

  2. My brother-in-law served part of an LDS Mission in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I found your blog today and I thought it was ironic that your first post was about that very city. I am now following you! I am also a fellow Hive member!

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