Snowcat Trip at Powder Mountain

Written by Becky

A few weeks back I took a magical trip to the rugged mountains of Northern Utah.  Along with my friends at work, we hopped into a private Snow Cat at Powder Mountain to explore the backcountry.  Being my first real fresh powder experience, I was a bit nervous but after stepping into the widest powder skis I’ve ever laid eyes on I was feeling a bit more comfortable.  That is until they strapped a avalanche beacon around my chest.

We loaded into the cat and ventured into the purest white snow you could ever imagine. It was the perfect day with blue skies opening up in the clouds revealing the majestic mountain peaks all around us.  We glided through trees and steep terrain in untouched powder.  It was fairytale skiing experience that I won’t soon forget.

Powder Mountain is vintage skiing at its best.  No frilly lodges, mountain hosts, or luxury salad bars and gourmet desserts (not that I don’t love that).  But Powder Mountain specializes in the simple things: friendly service, basic inexpensive food to fuel you for more skiing, and some of the best snow you’ll find in Utah.  My eyes are now open to a new world of skiing. I’m not giving up gourmet chili and paninis at Deer Valley completely but I definitely enjoyed this no-frills style of Powder Mountain.

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share with you.  If you ever get a chance to go to Powder Mountain you should take it and if you’re daring reserve a seat on a private cat for a magical day on the mountain.

Powder Mountain
Powder Mountain Cat Skiing

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