Quick Update…Greece

Written by Becky

I arrived in Athens yesterday after a long 11 hour flight from Atlanta Georgia. I sat next to a Greek Travel Writer incidentally! It was fantastic…all of the things I should have researched before hand I got to hear first hand from a humorous Greek! Elias has written 10 or more books about traveling in Greece. He owns a sailboat that he takes around the the islands. He told me things like- don’t eat the fish because they are all imported from Japan, where to hear great live music, where the best views of the Acropolis are, and how to exchange my money to get the best return, and lots of other things that I can’t remember because I felt half alive on the trip from the tylenol pm that I took before starting to chat with the writer. Once I finally arrived Kristen took me to lunch at a Crete restaurant were we had a Greek Salad covered in olive oil and feta and bread with crushed tomatoes also covered in feta! Later in the afternoon in order to stay awake we went to a posh coffee shop where we had a frappe (Greek coffee drink made with Nescafe)- with enough caffeine to keep me up for a few more hours. Today we traveled to a Greek Island called Milos. We’ll be here until Thursday. I hope to post photos soon!

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