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Written by Becky

Some other things I wanted to accomplish while in Lubbock:  eat a potato, egg and cheese burrito from Josie’s, find Buddy Holly’s grave, eat lunch at Bless Your Heart, run 10-k at Ransom Canyon, have tortillas and queso at Rosas, and grab a almond esspresso shake at Daybreak Coffee.   Most were accomplished!  It may seem like a lot of food but I found a way to eat it all and hopefully run most of it off.  Or at least run some of it off.   You see, some of the best Mexican food is found in Lubbock- places like Abuelos if you want enchiladas and of course Josie’s for breakfast and Rosas any time of day!  Rosas makes fresh tortillas that are to die for with their queso or just with the honey that is readily available all around the restaurant.  At Josie’s you must also order a cola to enjoy with your burrito- even if it is morning time!  They have great ice with their drinks and there is just something about a diet coke to wash down the cheesy burrito. 

If you ever go to Lubbock you must go to Bless your Heart for lunch.  It’s a healthy lunch spot ironically locaed next door to the hospital and serves soup, salads, sandwiches, and yogurt with fruit.  I would recommend the healthy clucker, their chicken salad sandwich made with apples and celery and served on honey wheat bread.Unfortunately, we did not find Buddy Holly’s grave. After asking many locals where it might be found we surrendered the idea and decided to focus on other objectives.  We did make to to Ransom Canyon, a small canyon that surrounds a lake, just outsde of Lubbock, that locals are very proud to have. Jacquey, Lindsey and I had decided before hand that we would run a 10 k race while out of town and the place we decided on for the race was Ransom Canyon.  We were warned to be careful when running on the trails becuse of “cliffs” and “rocks” but were not surprised to find that the only thing to stop us from running on the trail might be the occasional cactus or overgrown bush because of the lack of trail use. We mostly kept to the streets.  After the big race I took the girls up to the strange houses that are built at the top of the canyon. Many legends go around about the houses- like that the designer commited suicide and was unable to finish the project or that he moved away.  The one metal house has been unfinished for over 30 years!  We peered in awindow to see if any work had been done inside and were surprised to see someone inside.   We quikly walked away and the man came out and asked if we’d like to look inside.  I was thrilled!  Of course we would!  Turns out, the man, was the designer, and had been working on his house for 33 years just a little bit at a time.  He was currently living inside!  I was able to snap a few photos and ask a few questions.  We walked away proud as if we had just soved one of Lubbock’s most mysterious legends. 

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