SLCFoodie travels to Greece

More Greek foods

Written by Becky

Greek food photography

Need I say more?!! Fresh squeezed orange juice, feta cheese at every meal including breakfast, buttery-flaky croissants, spanakopita (spinach and feta cheese pie with phylo dough), and of course iced coffee! Also, not pictured here, I thoroughly enjoyed authentic baklava. Kristin and I casually picked some up from a bakery down her street. I choose a mini square of baklava with a dollop of milk chocolate on top…amazing!

A local tip I learned for buying the best feta: Never by crumbled feta, only buy the feta blocks. The crumbled version is really just the edges of the blocks so you’re not getting the best part of the cheese.

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  1. mmmm… your whole blog is making me hungry for yummy food! I love all your pictures… they are so fun and colorful. Hope you’re having a good day! Love ya!

  2. Φέτα ΒΑΛΜΑ: It says Feta Valma, last word being the name of the producing company.

    I’ve being reading your blog for quite sometime and I really have being enjoying each and every of your posts. As a Greek, I found them highly accurate.

    As for the photos in this particular post, well, I’m not really a cheese lover, but I’ll give a left hand for the spanakopita and a right for the iced coffee…


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