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Milos, a beautiful Greek Island

Written by Becky

My first few days in Greece were spent on the Greek Island of Milos.  Milos is an island located in the Cyclades Islands in Greece, the same family of islands as the popular Santorini and Mykanos. It is less known by American travelers but is a destination for many Greeks and other nationalities closer to Greece. Produce that comes from Milos includes Myzithra cheese, capers, some of the best tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, and wheat and rye bread. Milos is known for it’s volcanic soil, rich in obsidian, and a statue of Venus that was found buried here and is now located at the Louvre in Paris.

3,222 people live in Milos. When many people think of Greece they automatically think of the white buildings with blue accents and bright blue sea- this is Milos! Here are some photos that document our few days there. Click on the album to view. A Greek Experience: We stayed for two nights on the island and on the day of our departure we went to take our rental car back and the travel agent informed us that the pilots had gone on strike and the last two flights had not taken off. Kristin said this is very common for Greece, many people go on strike here especially in transportation jobs.

There has been many days when she couldn’t get around town because the metro or bus employees were on strike. But this time- we were stuck on a beautiful Greek Island, it doens’t sound too bad to me. But Kristin had a schedule of things she had planned and really wanted to be able to get back to Athens so we could experience the city as well.

We decided to go out to the airport to see if anyone was there and found that all doors were locked and the building was empty. We returned to our hotel to make sure that we could stay another night and the hotelier said, “Nothing to worry about, plane will come.” We weren’t sure how he knew this information but we trusted that he knew something that we didn’t so we decided to enjoy our afternoon and return to the airport at our scheduled flight time. We explored aroudn the island bit more, all the while anxious that we might not be able to get off this island for a few days or maybe even a week. (Me- kind of excited at the thought, Kristin-frustrated by the Greek culture that she’d been experiencing for over a year!)

We returned to the airport to find the parking lot full and everything up an running. No plane in sight but we were hopeful. Sure enough the plane arrived and we returned to Athens in time for a beautiful roof top dinner overlooking the Acroloplis just as Kristin had planned. As I overlooked this incredible piece of history I became thankful that we didn’t have to experience the strike and were able to depart the beautiful island and continue our avdenture in Greece.

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