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When I spent a summer in Granada Spain I became quickly addicted to their way of life…long naps in the afternoon when the city shuts down and light dinners of tapas and wine. After my siesta some friends and I would often walk down the cobble stone streets to the small flower plaza where small cafes would open for tapas. Tapas are the traditional Spanish appetizer or hor d’oevres. They usually have just a few to choose from and they change throughout the night as the restaurant runs out of that dish. It can be anything from croquettes to small sandwiches. Spaniards usually eat a large lunch, thus granting them the desire for a long nap, and then have a lighter dinner.

I’m not exactly sure how the Greeks do it but I know that they do have a wide variety of hor d’oeuvres, known as mezedes in Greece. Here are a few –

melizanosalata, mashed eggplant with oil, lemon and garlic (looks like hummus to me??)

dolmadakia, meat or rice rolled in grapevine leaves

tyropitakia, cheese wrapped in strudel leaves

And they also fyy many things: deep fried squid kalamarakia, deep fried zucchini kolokythakia, and fried meatballs keftethes. Which mezedes would you choose?

(photos from getty images and a blog called dueincocina)

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  1. I have to laugh because I think my least favorite things about living in Spain were the food and the afternoon naps 🙂 I am so un-cultured!

  2. I LOVE THEM ALL! I really enjoy eating this way and it is a very healthy way to eat – provided that you are not just eating all the fried ones! 😉

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