Mary Jane’s Clothing in Park City

Written by Becky

After working in Park City for a few years and getting to know the area pretty well, I found that there are only a few shops worth a regular visit.  Mary Jane’s is one of them.

Mary Jane’s owner, Lori Harris, was inspired after a fashion friend mentioned “Park City needs a shoe store not a wine bar.” With her entrepreneur skills and natural eye for fashion, Lori opened this boutique on the Main Street of America’s favorite ski town.   Known for her honesty and style, Lori employs helpful style counsel as well as suppling quality chic clothing.

What most people don’t know about Mary Jane’s is that behind the frilly pink sign, men can also find some of the best clothes around Utah and get great fashion advice. The popular Denim Bar is a great place to explore jeans to find the perfect pair that will last you years and bestow a bounty of comliments.  Right now, if you become a fan of the Denim Bar on facebook you get 20% off any pair of jeans in the store, men or women.

Jewelry, bags, along with men’s and women’s fashions aren’t the only thing you’ll find as you dip into this Park City boutique.  Mary Jane’s also carries great baby items and gifts.  I especially love their leather booties, carefully handmade with skis or animals on top.

Some things to look forward to this Spring at Mary Jane’s:
They will be hosting a fashion event for gals and guys in April, stay tuned for more info on this.
The latest spring styles have arrived by Erin Brinie, Scrapbook, Coffee Shop, Seychelles, J Shoes, Gentle Fawn, G-Star, Spiewak, AG, and other hip brands.

Weekend Credits
If you haven’t already discovered the Civil Wars, you must check them out. They are absolutely my favorite new band.

Have I completely lost it??…I’ve been daydreaming about jars.

Love the layout of this cookbook by Ikea.

Really wish I could attend one of these secret dinners.

I’m a journal-er and finding cute notebooks for me is like finding the perfect lip stick color for others.  You must find one that best represents you.  These notebooks from Scout are especially fun.

Hope you all have a sunny weekend!

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