Josh Rosenthal in Concert February 5. Win free tickets here!

Written by Becky
As many of your know, I am the lucky gal married to a very talented musician whom I like to call Joshy, JRose, or Henry’s dad, but our marriage certificate knows him as Josh Rosenthal.
He is performing at the Rose Wagner Theater on February 5th.  You can buy tickets online at Arttix.  Or if you leave a comment on this post, you’ll be entered to win two free tickets.   Here is a description of the show:

Singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal will be performing at the Rose Wagner Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah on February 5.

Rosenthal, originally from Texas, now calls Salt Lake City home and writes many of his songs to and for the people in this city.

If you like good music, poetry, stories you don’t want to miss out.

Singer/songwriter Johnny Cowan and poet Levi Rogers will join Rosenthal for the evening. Rogers writes poetry with both energy and softness exploring the relationship between the guttural and spiritual.

Also, there is a super fun video that you can watch that tells you more about the show.
See you at the show.

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  1. I would love to check this out! I've often wondered about your musician husband. I think it would be a lot of fun to check him out, live.

  2. My husband and I met Josh on the Disney Younglife trip. Love his music, we were planning on attending anyway but free tickets would be awesome!

  3. I wish I lived there to go see him. On a cute note, Elizabeth calms down when she hears Josh's music. It's kinda funny and cute.

  4. So cool! I love the music in the video, and I am always looking for more music, especially in the singer/songwriter type genre. I'm really excited about this! (As you can tell by my incessant use of exclamation marks!)

  5. Love Josh's music! I discovered him on your blog quite some time ago. Tiffany mentioned that he was playing a show soon. Can't wait to see him live.

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