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I’m back from Greece! It was an amazing trip and because I was unable to blog most of the time I will keep posting about the trip, foods, and experiences for a few days! I thought I would start with the most important part of every meal that I enjoyed there: (beisdes the red wine of course) the Greek Salad.

The local Greek Cafes are called tavernas and are commonly run by families. This one is located right under Kristin’s aprartment and is owned by a family from Crete, an island of Greece. We ate here our first day and had a Greek Salad and tacos. The “tacos” consisted of a wheat roll covered in crushed tomatoes and crumbled feta with olive oil drizzled on top and basil. The salad, horiatiki, was the traditional greek salad- large ripe tomato slices, fresh cucumber, kalamata olives, thin strips of red onion and green pepper, mixed with lots of olive oil and topped with a large piece of feta cheese sprinkled with basil and black pepper. So, if you’ve ever had a Greek Salad in the states and it was served with lettuce- it’s not the real deal!

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  1. mmmmm… love it! I’m so glad you’re back, it was so good to see you tonight!! Can’t wait to read all these blogs. 🙂

  2. That salad looks like the most delicious thing I have ever seen–vegetables and feta! Yum! Still jealous. 🙂

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