Greece Day 2

Written by Becky

Fighting jet lag but pushing through it, I drugged myself to sleep last night with a couple glasses of Greek red wine. It was my first full night of sleep in a few days. I’m also fighting some bad allergies but luckily you don’t have to have perscriptions to get some good drugs here. This morning I walked right down to the pharmacy and picked up some Zurtex. Yesterday we arrived in Milos, a somewhat remote Greek Island. Our hotel has a great garden and amazing breakfast! When we arrived we went to the beach or what we thought would be the beach. After walking a ways to find it we decided that what was marked beach on the map was just a thin strip of sand along the water but we settled down on our hotel towels and were calmed by by the waves gently brushing up on the shore. Completely covered in SPF 45, I wasn’t too worried about getting sunburned but after a while of laying in the warm sun I decided to walk around and take some photos of all of the white washed homes and bright blue doors, just what you would imagine Greece looking like. I walked up a hill top view the church that was in the center of the town and took photos of the crystal clear turquois water. We had grilled sandwiches for lunch from a vendor just down from our hotel and for dinner we walked down to a cafe right along the water’s edge and had some traditional Greek food. I ordered lamb chops, in effort to try the local fare. We ordered some appetizers that I loved- artichokes and green peas, and of course tzatzaki (the white cucumber sauce)! I think I will have this for every meal- it’s like a light yogurt sauce with cucumbers that you spread on to bread or pita and often comes on Gyros. After dinner we stopped by a bakery (still open at 9:30pm) and picked up a pastery and baklava. I have to keep pinching myself to remind me that I’m in Greece and not sitting behind a desk at work!

Sorry if there are typos- no time to spell check must return to good food and laying on the beach!

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