Gig Harbor on a Yacht

Written by Becky

The friendly people of Gig Harbor, Washington charmed us.  Josh and I traveled here last week, when he played a few concerts and a fundraiser for Young Life.  We had the extreme pleasure of being a guest of this enchanting town.

Overlooking the Puget Sound, fishing boats at the docks and lush green all around, the town enveloped us.  Our senses were overloaded by the smells of sea water and homemade scones in the oven. Even the most beautiful cities can remain plain without a community of good-hearted people.  And that is exactly who we met here, folks who really live life to the extent that we are created to. We were treated like family by our caring hosts and were cared for by everyone we met.  We met people here whose stories and fun-loving personalities we’ll remember for a lifetime.  One I’ll share with you today.

We met a funny pastor named Rick with horn-rimmed glasses, beach town loafers and a big passionate smile.   As we boarded a magical yacht for a evening of music and delicious foods we were caught up in conversation with this new friend.  He delicately told us the story of the owners of the yacht.  You see, they weren’t your typical high society yacht owners, but had spent years in full time ministry before coming into financial success and also had been through a heart wrenching loss.

Just a year previous to our boat outing that evening, the yacht owners lost their daughter to cancer.  The pastor told us his emotions after hearing the news and how sometimes there are no perfect words to say to a person after such a loss.  Instead of doing the ‘normal’ pastoral visit filled with words of comfort or maybe a few Bible verses, this pastor decided he would serve the family in a more unusual way.  So he found a way to get the father’s shoes that he would be wearing to the funeral so he could shine them. The hope is that the father would look down and see the shined shoes and know that he’s loved and supported.  Such a beautiful picture of thoughtfulness and service.

I hope this story of Gig Harbor warmed your heart as it did mine.

If you ever find yourself in this dreamy town here are some recommendations:

Tides Tavern – local favorite with fresh seafood with a view of the Puget Sound
Kelly’s Cafe and Espresso – great for brunch, or soup/sandwich lunch

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  1. i listened to a sermon tuesday and the pastor told a story of how people in other countries show ministers honor by shining their shoes and how he felt so touched by that precious act of service. it's a symbol of washing the feet for todays generation. xo

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