Written by Becky

Fresh air cafes, fresh flowers, AND fresh produce. That is one thing I absolutely love about going to other countries. I can grab a bag of beautifully ripened strawberries on the street or a sack of assorted nuts or a handful of dried apricots. The produce in Greece was especially good. There was fresh fruit everywhere. I guess I came in a good season for this but you have to give it to them for the availability of such healthy foods. In America, we pay high dollar for a bag of unsalted fresh almonds or unsweetened dried cherries. I wanted to eat fruit all day long. In some cases I did! I had to take advantage of its easy access and inexpensive price. I must add that in addition to fresh fruit and nuts on the street I did see a few other random things like fried coconut. And I must tell you that in the central market there were several isles dedicated to meat- raw uncovered meats of all kinds, most that were not even stripped from the animal yet. I will spare you the details. The Central Market also had a whole section of fresh cheeses from local farms. As I long for all of Greece’s wonderful food this summer I’ll been inspired to visit our farmers market more often. Salt Lake’s farmers market is actually really good and offers lots of locally grown fruits and vegetables and even great cheese varieties. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of access to fresh goods I encourage you to find out where your nearest farmers market is. It will be a highlight of my summer I’m sure.

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