Easter Feast

Written by Becky
photos courtesy of Michael Friberg

This year reinvented Easter.  It is a holiday we celebrated every year but as just another holiday spent with family or by a special of service at church.  I feel like the modern church, with all of its lack of formality has somehow lost a lot of the rich meaning and symbolism of some religious traditions.  On Easter Jesus rose from the dead, he rose from the dead.  Now that is something to celebrate.  

This is what our Easter looked like this year. A long table lined with choice foods, garlic and wine marinated lamb, roasted chicken, dried figs, olives,  fresh loaves of crusty white bread (the kind you usually avoid eating), juicy plump grapes, nuts, creamy full-flavored cheeses, and rich red wine for everyone. We ate with no utensil, actually tearing the loaves of bread and taking big bites of whole fruit and cheese. It was a feast for all of the senses. As you look down the table you see your closest friends and family, everyone splurging on rich food and conversation celebrating resurrection. Easter will never be the same now.
I think I may have a new favorite holiday.

What holidays do you go all out to celebrate?  I would love to hear.

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I imagine these wine decanters would be beautiful on our table for a special occasion or any occasion really.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Whoever organized that celebration deserves a big high five. What a great way to celebrate one of the most important events in all of history!

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