Moe's Seafood on Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach: High Tide, Chowder and Fish & Chips

Written by Becky

The next day in Cannon Beach, still full from the extra large bowls of ice cream, we waited to eat until lunch. By then a storm had rolled in and the tide was pretty high. We ate at a local chain, Moe’s, where we knew we could find some seafood. The restaurant was definitely a touristy spot, over-priced and a bit cheesy, but we got to sit at a table overlooking the ocean, which made up for the kitschy atmosphere. We ate clam chowder, along with fish & chips, then ended our meal perfectly with a slice of hot Marion berry pie. At this point I am head over heels for Marionberry. We ate slowly and gazed out at the swells crashing against the shore and even splashing up on the window we peered out from.

From lunch we drove back to Portland…more good food and stories to come.

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  1. Amber, I actually read about Ecola and heard great things about their fish and chips! I will check them out on the next trip for sure! Thanks for the tip.

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