Backyard Dining essentials

Backyard Dining

Written by Becky

So, we’ve officially completed our backyard project. Although, there is always more you can do, we are surrendering at least for a while to enjoy and bask in our efforts. We’ve had a few dinners outside and breakfast too. My parents recently visited and brought be a family heirloom buffet table that had been collecting dust in their backyard. It was originally my grandmothers and probably resided in her beautiful Southern home in Wichita Falls, Texas. I think they had a hunch I would like it but had no idea that I would immediately love it and begin to daydream about its many uses for dining outdoors this summer. They were about to go to the store and grab some paint to cover it with a fresh coat but luckily I heard what they were up to and stopped them to save the table from any possible fresh look that they had in mind. I loved it just the way it was- rusted with old wheels and old peeling paint. My mom, being the thoughtful person that she is, made sure that we found a local glass place to order a piece of glass for the top. She also had this brilliant idea to find a food covering to protect the food we’d place on it so that bugs or mosquitoes can’t get to the food. We looked a few places but didn’t find much and I convinced her that Utah doesn’t have the bugs and mosquitoes like West Texas. Then we found the cutest basket woven covering at Anthropologie on sale for $7 and we swiped it up! Now we are all set: food table, bug protectant, and a finished backyard.
For other styles of food coverings try Crate and Barrel, REI or Lillian Vernon. Photos below are from REI and Lillian Vernon.

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  1. Great idea! I just found your site through the Hive…I look forward to reading your posts and trying out the recipes!

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