An Interview with Josh Rosenthal

Written by Becky

Josh Rosenthal, is a local singer songwriter who also happens to be my husband- aren’t I lucky! He is doing a series of interviews on his blog and it was my week to feed him some questions. I wanted to give all of you who read my blog a sense for why we both love Salt Lake so much as well as some tips on local music stores. And of course, I added several food questions so satisfy all of our appetites for foodie talk. The photo above is of him ‘helping’ me bake some chocolate chip cookies last night. Hope you enjoy the interview!

Open Ended Questions:

What is your most distinctive memory surrounding food from childhood?
My mom used to make brisket and mashed potatoes on Sundays. To this day, it’s the most comfortable food I know.

While cooking your favorite meal what music would you turn on?
Peter Bradley Adams. I can’t get enough of him. A friend introduced me to him less than a year ago and I really haven’t put it down since. His latest album is called Leavetaking. Every song is good. It enhances the cooking experience while still keeping it calm when I make mistakes.

Why are you so passionate about Salt Lake City?
It’s really hard to explain. Utah is an infection from which you don’t want relief. If you come here for a little bit, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Most people who grew up here don’t really feel that way. They want out. But most people want out of their hometown. Downtown has a great local scene. From music to restaurants to the farmers market, it’s gotta be one of the best places to live in the country.


Salt Lake City Restaurant and why?
Gourmandise Bakery. The turkey-bacon club owns a piece of my stomach.

VintageMixer Recipe and why?
Falafel and Tzatziki. Essentially, food is an excuse to eat sauce. Any sauce will do normally. But your Tzatziki inspires me to run for president. It’s ridiculously good.

Salt Lake City small business and why?
Local Music. Tom is the epitome of the bakers dozen. He delivers far more than he promises. Once upon a time, quality customer service mattered. Tom comes from that era. I’ve bought a few guitars from him – Breedlove, Morgan and Gibson ES125t. I sound like a commercial, I realize. Don’t beat me up. Tom didn’t pay me anything for this. Why would he? Back off Vintage Mixer.

Guilty food pleasure and why?
Peanut Butter and Syrup. Why? Childhood memories. Who is with me? Did anyone else grow up with it?

Multiple Choice:

Radio/Record Player/mp3 – Radio, talk radio.

New/Consignment Clothes – New. I don’t have the patience to find cool stuff at consignment stores.

Road Trip/ International Vaca/ State side/ camping – Home body. Big time. or car camping.

Boxed brownies/Crème Brulee – Crème Brulee. My honeymoon introduced me to it. Never going back.

To read more of his interviews visit his Josh Rosenthal music blog.

One of the many great things of Salt Lake- the passion for soccer. Here is a photo of him singing at the opening Salt Lake Real game.

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  1. yay for peanut butter and syrup! Pretty sure that was a major contributor to my childhood chubbiness… that and brown sugar.

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