Greek Gyros

Authentic Greek Gyros

Written by Becky

Since leaving the beautiful country of Greece, I’ve found myself craving mainly one thing, GYROS. A gyro is a Greek wrap made with slowly roasted meat, usually lamb, from a vertical skewer. Luckily, many Greek-Americans who have settled in the United States have started pretty authentic Greek restaurants so gyros are pretty common even in Salt Lake City. Two local places that I would highly recommend getting a gyro- Aristos in Salt Lake City, and Nick’s Greek Cafe, in Park City. Both are great. They have average prices; nothing quite compares to the 1.70e that you can pay at a kiosk in Greece but sometimes the higher prices in the US can mean more authentic, at least in my opinion. I think you can get a gyro at Aristos for $8.95 and at Nick’s for $7.00. The pita bread at Aristos is absolutely amazing. A few tips from the Greeks: 1) If the gyro meat is getting “skinny” around the skewer pass it by because its probably from the day before 2) The best gyros are served with lots of tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion and a few French fries all wrapped in a fresh pita. Here is a look at the real deal:

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  1. I totally agree. Nothing beats an authentic Greek gyro. I definitely miss them since our Santorini honeymoon. mmm….lamb….

  2. 8 in one sitting at the only place you could get them on the Island of Ithaca, the Main town Vathy, I worked as a windsurfing instructor there and we would all head down to the shop and order platter after platter of them and eat till our eyes bulged.
    I can see the therory of the skinny meat stick but the reverse could be it’s popularity??

  3. I’m fairly certain that gyros are one of those things that was invented in America and migrated back. I believe a *truly* authentic gyro is going to be found in NYC…but I agree that the gyros in Greece are awesome!

  4. Yes, you’re right, I’m sure you can get an authentic gyro in the states….but you certainly can’t beat eating one on the streets of Greece! 🙂

  5. I lived in Athens for a year and I loved the Sunday markets with the small gyro kiosks. When I lived there I never saw lamb gyros, only pork and maybe beef. My friends there said that the nasty lamby ones we see in the states are a sham. The pork was my favorite — it was so succulent and the flavor, oh the flavor is one I’ve craved since I’ve left. I honestly think the secret is in the quality of the meat. The Greek meats are so good compared to that of the USA. It took some getting used to at first but oh how I miss that too.

    Thank you for the great memory! Man.. now I’m hungry 🙂

  6. oh man, Let me tell you – a gyro is one of the true pleasures in life. We go to greece most years for holiday and despite all the great food there, the first thing we do is seek out gyro.

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